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  3. Marco

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    That was Briliant to watch, you see even 1953,right after war,, police entertain people, great stuff
  4. KZ

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    Yep, quite impressive! I'd have liked to hear the original sound of the bikes. I wonder what kind of bikes the police rode in those days, 250 Ducati singles?

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    probably I will never be allowed into Rome again

    but I think this has been electronically dramatized, very successfully so.

    Not one flapping move by a single biker, always 1000% in synchronization ?

  6. Marco

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    I think you are right about your statement,,, but i can say that i did watch it carefully and in 0.23sec in from the dead senter to direction of 1205, there is 1 bike heading 11a clock and he need to slow down and same time stear slightely on his left to avoid coalition,, so i think it's about original footage as it can be,,,, BUT i might be wrong as well,, have a look and spot the rider.. :wink:

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer


    this a wonderful game= true or fake ?
    I could well imagine this pice to be shown in a high profile art exhibition and experts fighting from Southeby and Christies it out.

    I maintain= its fake, such synonimity is humanly impossible, not even Soviet drill would have achieved that at the time, forget about Italiens :)

  8. Marco

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    Pico, you been French i do understand your point of Italians,,, :lol:

    I have seen similar clip but don with HD's and not so long time ago,, but just now i cant find it, but it was done in US.

    any way nice demo anyhow.
  9. penetrator

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    The bikes used are possibly Gilera Saturno 500 singles. Must say it seems unbelievable that the Italians could show such discipline, the Germans probably, the British possibly, but the Italians :shock:

    I'm just amazed not 1 of the bikes suffered a typical vintage Italian electrical failure.

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