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    just came home after my long flight bkk-tlv.

    me and my frind had some great rides in north thiland

    day1-the samoeng loop on unduro bikes.

    broke our back and asses and took honda steed +phantom from mr. mechanic insted (and 2 gt rider shirts instead of change )

    day 2- chiang mai - doi mae salong

    day 3- doi mae salong- chiang saen- chiang rai

    day 4- chiang rai- mae rim ( we spoted somewhere a banch of thai riders on some nice custom bikes)

    day 5-mae rim- pai---the last time i rode what we used to call " the pai loop" was in 1989 - 20 years (and kg) ago. and in 2003 i visited pai again.

    entering pai on our bikes felt like entering beehive. the town was buuzzing.

    day6- pai- sopong-mae hong son- coffee break on sopong river inn deck

    and a nice and wormed stay at "pana huts".

    as opposed to pai mae hong son looks as if times did not pass (last visit was 20 years ago )

    day 7-mae hong son-khun yuam-chiang mai.

    we rode 1500 km on the great roads of north thailad and had lots of fun .
    the " gt rider" maps (all 3 )was great and easy .

    now i can start planning my next trip.
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