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Thread: Thaton To Fang The Back Way

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    Thaton To Fang The Back Way

    Has anyone else tried the little road that runs in the hills between Fang and Thaton? If you head for Thaton on the 1089 then hook a left onto the 1314 go up through the hills for about 15-20km and there is a small road on your left with a couple of soldiers at the checkpoint. Tell them you just want to go for a look up in the hills and you are coming back as they dont like people going to Fang this way anymore. i try to ride this road once a year and in march this year I didnt get any hassle at all from the military

    At the landslide there is now a big army camp and when I stopped to take the pictures they encouraged me to ride across, so if the worst had happened at least they would have been there to pull me out

    I cant ever see this road being fully repaired somehow and I wonder how long before it finally caves in making it impassable

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    Colin - Silverhawk has done this route a few months back. This road looks like a good excuse to head back to the 1314.

    Hope you having fun across the pond.
    Cheers all.

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    Yeah, actually is was a couple years back that I first went this way. I did cross the washout which has a huge drop off on both sides. Scary as hell. When Davidfl and I went back there the soldiers did not like it at all. In fact we just "blew through" one of the check points with the soldiers yelling at us from their camp. At the washout, this time we both wimped out as it looked even narrower than the first time.

    The road follow the Burma border and in some places according to GPS maps and Google Earth actually crosses over in a few spots. I think one of the reason they don't really want travel on it. The road goes to the second tallest mountain in Thailand (can't remember the name offhand and then comes around to Mai Ai and Thaton. My opinion is it will never be fixed as it only used by farmers from each end and the military. Always armed foot patrols on the road.

    I have an old trip report and some pretty good photos on my own website at this link; ... Poses2.htm

    Davidfl and I didn't post a lot about it because we both felt at the time that if a lot of riders started to try and go that way they would just close it completely and say no.

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    Its alright crossing it if everything goes okay, if your bike stalls its a slight problem. It would have been december 2003 when I first rode it as I had only just bought my Honda Phantom and I was a bit worried about losing it here, but back then there was only one side of the road missing

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    Here is back in December 2002 when it wasnt so bad

    My first solo trip around Thailand on my trusty Honda Phantom


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    Here is december 2004

    This was my Honda Wave tour

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