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Thread: CNX-Wang Nuea-Meuang Pan-CNX

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    CNX-Wang Nuea-Meuang Pan-CNX

    The route 118, 120, unknown, 1035, unknown, 1035, 4047 1287, 1157, 1329, 1035, 120, 118

    Total distance 442 km

    Heading north east on the 118, its a great road once past Doi Saket and as far as the Mae Khachan hot springs, at Mae Khachan I turn right onto the 120 and ride about 2 km past Wang Nuea

    I take a right onto an unnumbered road signposted to Ban Mae Suk Nua, this road runs parallel to the 1035 about 2 km away from it

    There were lots of these houses in one village

    This one was beautiful inside, the owner saw me outside taking a photograph and invited me to see from inside the garden

    For a few kms this road was built up but finally it becomes open

    I reach the 1035 at some roadworks and take a left

    After a few kms I take a right onto another unnumbered road

    More of these houses along here

    Then the road finishes after about 4 kms and its time to backtrack and carry on along the 1035

    I take a right onto the 4047 and take these house photos

    Then its a right onto the 1287 heading for Meuang Pan and before reaching there its a left onto the 1157

    This is another good road, lots of curves and good condition tarmac

    Some fires in the distance

    About 20 kms before Lampang I take a left onto the 1329

    An extremely rare and under used machine here in Thailand

    Now if only we could have him sweep all our favourite roads how much sweeter our lives would be, I follow the 1329 until it reaches the 1035 then turn left and ride back to Wang Nuea

    North of Chae Hom there are a few places where the road is under construction but once past them its this lovely new superb surface which hopefully will be completed in the not too distant future.
    At Wang Nuea I turn left along the 120 then at the 118 its another left and back to Chiang Mai

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    Now Colin you saw something what not so many of us have seen before in Thai as you pointed out,,, Road Sweeper,,,way,,way under used.

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