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Thread: CNX-Mae Wang-Bo Kaeo-Samoeng-CNX

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    CNX-Mae Wang-Bo Kaeo-Samoeng-CNX

    The route 108, 1013, unknown, 1269, 108

    Total distance 227 km

    I took the 108 out of town and at San Patong turned right onto the 1013

    I have a large garden at my house in England and spend a lot of time growing vegetables, people are always saying to me that I grow tons of onions but this is what I call an onion field

    The 1013 is a fantastic road for quite a way and I am really enjoying these bends

    I take a left for the Mae Wang waterfall

    Its tarmac half the way

    Then this for the other half but as its only 2 km no problem

    It was certainly worth the ride and the steep walk down the steps to get here

    The water is very cold as you would expect

    I climbed back up the 79 steps and it nearly killed me, they were steep

    Back on the 1013 again

    Doi Inthanon is a lot clearer today than it was yesterday

    Now its cobbles for a while, the road now alternates between asphalt and cobbles but the asphalt isnt very good, potholed to buggery is the correct term I believe

    What quality the road surface lacks is more than made up for by the scenery

    Loads of chillies growing on this steep bank

    I reach the end of tarmac and its 5.4km to Bo Kaeo according to the sign

    These twin strips of concrete make going down a steep hill a lot easier

    Then its a much looser surface, I first found and rode this route six years ago on my first Phantom and nothing has changed much in that time

    They were doing this quarrying work a year ago when I last rode here, perhaps a small dam is going to be built here in the future

    The chickens werent there when I pulled up but somethings certainly attracted them now

    Not much action in Bo Kaeo

    Its time for a break and refreshments

    I get onto the road towards Wat Chan at the small fuel station

    Heading towards Wat Chan, this road is great, I hardly see any traffic and the road surface is great as well

    Some cobbles again but not much of it here

    A big collapse here, good thing it wasnt any bigger or this road would be out

    21 km from Bo Kaeo and its the end of the road for me

    That doesnt look too appetising plus its time to head back

    This poor little buggers already been run over, theres no signs of injury but despite me moving it off of the road and into the grass it doesnt appear to be moving.
    I ride to Samoeng then take the 1269 to the 108 then back to town

    Its German food tonight, or as i have been told Bavarian food at the Green Oasis at 103 Prapokklao Road Soi 8

    A 1.6kg pork knuckle and chips for 315 Baht, there is always an eat as much as you like buffet here every saturday at 6.30 for 185 Baht

    This street dog was the recipient of the bone and other gristly leftover bits, I bet hes thinking its his birthday today

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    Another beauty. You're trip reports & photos are getting better every report.
    You must be about ready to do some of the loops off the Mae Sa Valley next - what about the Pong Khwao hot springs loop, first up?
    Bet you have not done that one, maybe - no / yes?
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    I cant place it by name David, how do you reach it?

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    1.6Kg Pork MEAT,,,that is A meal
    (i love it too, but dont tell missus abt it..ok?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Slash
    I cant place it by name David, how do you reach it?
    The Pong Khwao hot springs are on both the MHS Loop & Mae Sa Valley-Samoeng Loop maps.

    Here's a chunk from the MHS Loop map for you to ponder

    I think that you will find the road(s) there are just about ALL asphalt now.
    It's quite an amazing place, stuck out there in the middle of nowhere "at the end of the road."

    More Cnx locals should check it out for a wonderful little day trip. Best to use the Mae Sa Valley-Samoeng loop map to find it & use the extensive network of roads & trails that run off R1096 to the upper Samoeng river area & associated villages 'n roads, that all run back into Samoeng. You could spend 1 or 2 days checking these out Slash - the maps only 99 baht & even you could afford that. :P
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    David as I was heading back, just before Samoeng I saw a tarmac road to my left, perhaps the 6003 or something like that, that was probably the one to get there


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