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Thread: Attapeu Accommodation

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    Re: Laos Recommended GT Rider Spots & Contacts

    In Attapeu the Dokchampha hotel is quite good although the plumbing leaves a little to be desired (at least in the room where I stayed as somehow the wash basin had no water but it did have a pipe just coming out of the floor). At least the water pressure was high so no problem at all taking a nice hot shower after a long day.

    Coming into town from the west the hotel is on the left hand side at N14.81142 E106.82363. Next door is the Dokchampa Restaurant (good food) and the Dokchampha bookshop. Rooms are 100,000 Kip and they have free WIFI in the rooms.
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    Re: Laos Recommended GT Rider Spots & Contacts

    N14 48.585 E106 50.206

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    Off street parking
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    Air con / hot water / TV
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    80,000 kip a night.

    Night time "security"
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    Hoang Anh Attapeu Hotel

    Hoang Ang Attapeu Hotel.

    Stayed here for two nights end June 2013.

    We arrived in town at 8 pm and needed some where good to recover from a great but hard days ride.

    I had seen this hotel a number of times before when in Attapue and figured this would tick all the boxes

    Double or a little more than some of the other hotels.. but it is a holiday and you have to spoil yourself some times.

    We stayed two nights.

    The entrance

    Bike friendly.. Bikes get to sleep in the lobby

    The room

    View towards the Plateau.

    Includes a decent breakfast.

    We paid 210,000 kip.. Not bad when you think what you get for 80,000 or 100,000 down the road..

    Well worth a stay.


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    Re: Hoang Anh Attapeu Hotel

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    New fresh clean, excellent value for money.
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    Under cover parking
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    150,000 kip a night.
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