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Thread: Buriram-More Border Area Riding-Lahan Sai

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    Buriram-More Border Area Riding-Lahan Sai

    The route 219, 4055, 224, 3208, 2301, 3308, 3063, 2006, 2120

    Total distance 331 km

    I take the 219 out of town then a few km out of town take a left onto the 4055 to visit the Huai Talat Reservoir that the 219 runs through

    Then its the 219 down to the 224 where I turn left and ride to where I finished yesterday, this unknown reservoir that doesnt show on my gps is at N14.22.288 E103.09.568

    Virtually full and its one I have visited a few times over the years

    Heading west on the 224 I take a left onto the 3208 which is rather potholed

    The Lam Pathia Reservoir

    Quite a pleasant scenic ride along the 3208

    Huai Na Nuea Reservoir at N14.15.819 E102.58.715

    As with all of them today, right up to the brim

    I reach the 3308 and turn left onto it riding to where its blocked off at N14.14.496 E102.54.700, I have never been allowed to ride south through here but looking at my gps it looks about 5 km from the Cambodian border.
    The 3308 doesnt show on my Thinknet map but shows on one of my older maps, the road signs are still there showing it goes to Ta Phraya but its not open to traffic

    I did manage to ride it through from the other end a couple of years ago after riding through the other ends barrier and there was a short ride of a few km on this deserted road, its strange as the shut off section is inside Thailand whereas some of the other end is near the border

    I turn round and ride to the end of the 3308 turning left onto the 3063 then stopping at the Lam Changhan Reservoir

    From here I ride on then take a right onto the 2006 then take the 2120 to Lahan Sai

    Stopped at Lahan Sai for a snack and this lazy dog just plonks itself down near to me

    Dead to the world

    Along the 224

    Along the 219

    Shame about the wires but it was the best shot that I could get of it.
    This wraps up my mapping of the road that runs parallel to the border plus the asphalt ones that run towards the border off of it for this area, I have covered from just south of Khong Chiam around to here and now its time to move on, usually Aranyaprathet and then Trat are my next stops but its unlikely that they will get visited this holiday and they will get done next year

    A new restaurant gets tried out tonight, it was recommended to me by the owner of Muang Pizza, its on Sukontamat road at N14.59.929 E103.07.032

    A steak and onion pie, chips, onions and gravy for 150 Baht, it was a very filling enjoyable meal

    Download the gdb file here
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    Re: Buriram-More Border Area Riding-Lahan Sai

    Nice one matey

    I try to look your 14.14N & 102.54E from my google maps,, but i cant even found that in there,,,,,lol..

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