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Thread: Kuala Terengganu

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    Kuala Terengganu

    The Pama Cafe at N05.19.948 E103.08.305, Indian Muslim food here

    Oyster chicken and rice

    Gravy chicken, this was one spicy delicious curry, total bill 75 Baht

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    Kuala Terengganu

    I eat at a food stall at the Mydin supermarket, the food stall is at N05.18.637 E103.07.798

    I order two pieces of Tandoori chicken and a garlic naan, I get two naans and eventually order another piece of chicken, 250 Baht in all and was I stuffed, it was a struggle to get an ice cream down afterwards

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    Re: Kuala Terengganu

    Note to self: Do not read Slash's posts whilst hungry.
    Keep it up, including the food info!


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