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    I get a portion of fries from KFC for 45 Baht and a whole chicken for 120 Baht from this place at N06.33.520 E101.17.278

    This is a grilled rather than fried chicken and not bad but for the second time this holiday I cant finish my meal

    This chicken breast roll was delicious and only 50 Baht, complimented by KFC fries
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    Re: Yala

    Just what I was looking for at N06.33.872 E101.17.626

    Only 20 Baht per burger here and as I doubt if the guy has any change its a lot easier to just eat five and give him 100 Baht

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    N06.33.538 E101.17.274

    I decide I need a pizza so its Pizza Hut for food tonight, a medium pizza is 295 Baht or for 299 Baht these are included so no contest really

    This is a chicken supreme and its got New Orleans chicken, smoked chicken and chicken sausage on it as well as the vegetables, I am surprised it doesnt come out with an egg on top in case they think I am lacking in hen produce, but quite a good tasting pizza though

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