Good Morning EVERY ONE...i'm back and kicking 100% Alive

NOW,, as you might remember me from the "Past" i was 136Kg small giant....
NOW i'm 99KG and 150% more powerful than before and I do work with Royal Thai Police every day,,,and any one need help or assistant, I will do my best to help every person in LEGAL WAY....

and of course any one passing by in my small area Khueng Nai,, let me know (If you wish) for snack and water or beer for you, we do not have coffee place in Here So nearest is in Ubon Town and Favorite Coffee\Food Place is Peppers restaurant\Coffee & Cake GPS 15.23'96.37" N 104.85'46.31" E

And Of course our agreement for 10% discount for any person for Medical items from our Wholesale & Pharmacy GPS 1523'42.00"N 10433'8.88"E
Open 08.30-20.00 (8.30am-8Pm) TUESDAYS CLOSED.
Discount will ONLY Apply when one is coming with Bike or know me.. (When of course my wife will inform me,,,,lol)

Have a fantastic time on the road BUT ride safely Day or Night time

Regarding my self,, I'm OFF from Touring around TH as i'm busy with my work and Pharmacy,,, longest ride for me is 2 way to UBON,,wonderful 80Km ride now and then..