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Thread: From Khon Kaen to Mukdahan taking the long way (go and back)

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    From Khon Kaen to Mukdahan taking the long way (go and back)

    Together with Mark on his "new" Ninja 250 we left Saturday morning from Khon Kaen at 7-ish or about that time. Mark was still recovering from an alcohol intoxication but the cool (well actually cold) wind did help.

    We took route 12 in direction of Kalasin and Som Det, until then a bit boring road but at least good tarmac and not much traffic. Well between Kalasin and Som Det there was some standard Thai stupid behaviour of cars & scooters. After Som Det we continued in direction of Sakhon Nakhon and that is where the road become more fun with twisty roads and nice views. Going a bit higher it became even really chilly cold in the shadow of some mountains. At the top we took a right turn to take a short-cut in direction of Mukdahan all the way until we reached the mighty Mekong river. All roads were great, only somewhere we had about 15-20km gravel road. From KK to MUK was about 295km (incl. a small detour).

    We stayed 1 night in Mukdehan and the next day we took a bit more southern route back thru and so skipping highways and even any city like Kalasin or Roi Et. We ended up at Yang Talat and from there again it was a straight run home. From MUK to KK was 310km (incl. a temple detour). Again all roads were great, only at one point we had about 10km a lot of put holes. Which again reminds me to say "Never trust Thai roads!".

    For some detailed road information have a look at

    It was a nice trip and Mukdahan is a nice place to visit, actually worth to spend second night. And along the way are a few scenic roads, national parks, lakes and other attractions.
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    Re: From Khon Kaen to Mukdahan taking the long way (go and back)

    Nice one Changnoi.

    Looks like a good fun trip. Wish we had some of that cold weather down here!
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