The Route 105, 1140, 4005, 07029, 4061, 4096

Total Distance 130 km

I head east along the 105 then take a left to look for a reservoir and the road turns to dirt at N16.44.002 E098.36.157.
Its a bumpy dusty track then at N16.45.172 E098.35.975 the surface returns to paved

A very hazy shot of the Ban Mae Pa reservoir

Nowhere near to capacity now.
I ride back taking a left while on the dirt section and I reach the paved surface at N16.44.879 E098.36.476

I ride along the 105 taking a left at N16.44.984 E098.37.153 and its a dirt track which the ESRI shows as going to the Huai Mae Pa reservoir but its fenced off so I cant reach it and its time to look for another route to it

A bit further along the 105 at N16.45.140 E098.37.494 I turn left onto a dirt track and this leads straight to it

It looks like theres a pedal boat out there

I ride further east then take a left onto the 1140

Theres one of these fuel pumps at N16.48.336 E098.44.128 and not much further on was a hand pump at N16.48.336 E098.44.746

I ride northwards to another village and explore some of the surfaced tracks

There was a hand pump here at N16.50.396 E098.46.563

I was parked up in the shade having a drink when this friendly girl stopped to see if I was okay, she was a teacher at the school and spoke very good English.
In fact there were a lot of very friendly people out here today

I passed a fuel station selling everything at N16.48.318 E098.45.534, theres no worry about not being able to get fuel around these villages

I take the 07029 back to the 105, ride further east then take a left onto the 4061 which turns to unpaved at N16.44.894 E098.48.990

No wonder its so hazy today theres just fires galore

Then I actually stumble upon some greenery

It was a pleasant ride through the woods but the smoke wasnt really needed

I reach a bridge and a paved surface at N16.47.608 E098.48.933

I wonder if this was a victim of last years wet season

The dogs are quite surefooted on it

From here its a hot ride back to Mae Sot although its been very cold in the morning for the last two mornings

I am back in town just before 3 so I go for a 2 hour massage here at N16.42.830 E098.33.702.
250 Baht for the 2 hours and it wasnt bad either

Cumberland sausages, chips and onions at Krua Canadian for 160 Baht

You can get the gdb file from my website here