The Route 105, 1140, 4005, 1175

Total Distance 163 km

As todays trip was going to be exploring and hoping to find some dirt tracks that would link the 105/hwy 12 with the 1175 and not having any places on either the map or the GPS to ask for I took this photo at the start of the 1140 and was this useful

I ride to a village I was at yesterday and the dirt starts at N16.50.466 E098.46.497, a Thai drives along at this point, I show him the photo and he says this is the right way and here the track branches with both of them joining up a couple of minutes later, he says the single track is better for the bike so I take it.
He also mentions its beautiful up in the mountains but I have my doubts today considering the haze from the burning

I am very soon back on the double track and its loose deep bulldust or sand for a while

Very slow progress to start off with and I dont travel far before the track no longer shows on the GPS so its a blind ride today

Its turning into a pleasant ride but fires are not welcome or needed

I am chucking up a nice dust cloud today

When I break out into the open its great scenery and quickly getting a lot clearer

A village ahead

I stop here in Ban San Kham and fuel is sold here at N16.55.223 E098.47.917, I show them the photo and they confirm I am on the right track

Another very small village is a couple of km further on but no fuel sold here, here I am told to take the right and about 0.5 km further on is a fork, I am deciding which way to choose when a couple of lads ride along, they get shown the photo and I am told to take the right

They ride off and we pass each other a couple of times while I am stopped for photos

This isnt the temple just something roadside

Just past the statue and I have to wait for a few minutes as this vehicle has just been uprighted and towed out by a tractor

Once past the vehicle it was a steep bumpy climb then suddenly I emerge out to this

I am at the top now and its almost like I have been transported a long way south where they dont burn, just look at how clear it is.
The guy that told me it was beautiful up here certainly knew what he was talking about

I have now rode 35 km since taking the photo and the Monk tells me its on the hill so I ride up there

Well this is where he pointed, perhaps its that little building on top of the stones

I cant help wondering how much lovelier the view would be at the end of the rainy season

There is a cement mixer here with a lot of aggregate for concrete and I am guessing this is a temple about to be started sometime in the future, perhaps this inscription is the same as on my first photo

This is at N16.57.199 E098.47.571

Now to ride on enjoying this pleasant dirt track, clean breathable air and lovely scenery.
I have to now rely on showing people the Thinknet map and asking the way to Ban Samae

I stop in a very small village, no fuel here, or much education either as after asking a few people the way to Ban Samae and showing them the Thinknet map with it written in Thai I come to the conclusion that none of them can read.
Thankfully there is a small school here and the teacher even speaks some English so directions were obtained, three more km then take a left and looking at my GPS that should be where I will pick up a track again

Another village in the distance

I reach the T junction taking the left and I am now back on the GPS

I take a right over the water and fuel is sold here at N16.59.475 E098.49.418

Some lovely greenery

Not what you really want to happen

More civilisation ahead and fuel at N17.00.326 E098.48.406 and again at N17.02.444 E098.45.937

Now its a mixture of concrete and dirt, some of the concrete surface is pretty rough

Its an unpaved finish up to the 1175 and I have enjoyed a fantastic day exploring this new track which I had only hoped existed.
Now I know its there I can explore some of the other tracks going off of it sometime in the future

My favourite pizza at Casa Mia for 130 Baht

You can get the gdb file from my website here