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Thread: Want to buy BMW F800GS

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    Want to buy BMW F800GS

    Looking to get a 2011 or a 2012 mod.

    I know they are available in Thailand and my problem is I need to get it to Vietnam.

    So.....I'm am kind of stuck right now on what I can and can't do.

    I looked here and they are impossible to get here unless you are crafty and know the right people.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Re: Want to buy BMW F800GS

    Maybe you need to elaborate somewhat.
    My answer to your posting would be : Fly to Bangkok, bring your chequebook , buy the bike from BMW or from a private seller if u can find one and then ride it into Vietnam after you sort out the red tape.

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    Re: Want to buy BMW F800GS

    Welcome to Gt-Rider.
    I wish you luck in your endeavor as buying a BMW is not without its problems within Thailand,
    let alone getting parts and keeping it serviced & running in Vietnam.
    See the warning thread on Barcelona within the BMW section here.!
    Maybe a Kawasaki Versys may be a better bet.
    However I recall a number of issues some years ago that in effect restricted the owning of bikes to the political elite and well connected.
    Apart from the issue of high import tax, there was in 2006 "a bizarre ruling restricting sales to those 30-40 years old."
    The link within the thread has since been broken, and hopefully such idiotic rulings like this, have since been changed.
    But I would advise some serious research within Vietnam about what the rules regarding the ownership of big bikes in Vietnam. Also, whether you can go cross-border and ride them into Laos/Cambo, before you come to BKK to buy a bike.
    You might be better-off finding an motor vehicle import agent in HCMC to advise you what is possible and what is not.
    For example plating bikes in Thailand is an absolute headache unless it's through a dealer who has the particular imported or locally produced bike model properly passed through homologation. This is expensive, time-consuming and not always guaranteed on an individual basis.
    Vietnam may have similar regulatory obstacles to overcome. I understood that there was a cc cap on bikes sold in Vietnam, but this may have changed for the masses as well.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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    Re: Want to buy BMW F800GS

    Hy guys,

    Thanks for the information, it's much appreciated.

    There is a CC cap here, an A1 DL states you can operate a motobike up to 150CC, and the A2 is anything from 50CC to 1200CC bike. The A2 is very hard to get, I've heard of moto clubs here that can get it for you if you join them, and knowing "someone" is another way to get the A2 as well.

    There are big bikes here, expats that work here can ship them in for 10% through their company, and everyone else gets the normal tax at 90-100% of the bikes value. The 10% also applies to foreign companies as well, they can ship in 1, maybe 2 vehicles a year.

    Still researching the import details, border crossings and red tape. Just don't want to throw down the funds for a bike, ride it through Cambodia and Thailand and get to the VN border and set it on fire, so to speak.

    But......I did read to day, the F800GS is available here, and am researching it now on where they are located and of course cost. All information is forthcoming and I will post the details when I know more.

    And obviously the price is a concern as well here.

    Thhanks again for the help.


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