The Route 108, 1194, 4011

Total Distance 96 km

Breakfast was at a different Muslim restaurant this morning at N18.09.559 E097.55.703

Chicken curry and rice for 50 Baht, while it was okay it didnt have the fire and flavour that the other restaurant had and it was also more expensive

I ride out of town towards Hot and take a right at the Mae Ho checkpoint

I somehow miss the road I was looking for and headed out on another concrete road

The road turns to dirt at N18.09.236 E098.03.649 and theres a few homes along here

I reach a concrete road going in both directions at N18.08.812 E098.03.419 and realising this was the road I should have been on take a left to ride it back to where I went wrong then turn around and follow it

Theres tracks going off of it all over the place

I soon reach a village which I guess is Mae Ka Na and fuel is sold here from handpumps at N18.06.755 E098.03.186 and at N18.06.706 E098.03.165

Another scenic road that I am riding for the first time today

The paved surface finally finishes at N18.04.881 E098.02.320

Then its a pleasant easy enough dirt section

I stop in Huai Pla Kang and fuel is sold here in bottles at N18.03.811 E098.02.094.
My bike was quite popular with these lads

At a junction I take a right and now I want to link up with a track that both Phil and myself rode a few weeks back.

I didnt expect to see much water on the track, this is from an overflowing rice field

Lots of schoolkids up there picking the cabbages

At a fork there are two tracks going back to the road I want to link up with so I explore them both

I remember riding through this village a few weeks ago, now its time to ride back and explore the other new track

On the way back I meet the kids laden with cabbages

Now onto the other new track, this leads me to where I rode a few weeks back and then its back to the 108

Just before reaching the 108 and I cross the river with less water in it than last time

I am back in Mae Sariang by three so lets go and find that elusive reservoir.
The road turns to dirt at N18.10.032 E097.53.379
I looked on google earth last night and I was on the right track for it yesterday but needed to go on further.
This weir is along the overflow and no sign of any water so I guess the reservoir is not full

To ride to the top of the reservoir means riding across this, I walked over and was picking my path carefully as some of the wood looked like it wouldnt stand my weight.
The KLX can wait over there while I walk up

To my complete surprise the reservoir was full with a very slight overflow

I was expecting to see it half empty, but that was not the case

I watch him slowly ride across but have no desire to copy him

Riding back to Mae Sariang and the infernal fires are burning again.
Well today is the 29th and this is my 29th ride and trip report this month so a 100% record in february.
Looking at my website I see that 17th january was my last non riding day.
The KLX will need a major service before I go home so I guess that will possibly be my next day off

North West Guest House for food tonight at N18.09.705 E097.55.777

A large fish and chips for 200 Baht, red snapper too not some river fish

You can get the gdb file from my website here