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Thread: Chiang Mai-Pa Pae And Some Dirt Tracks

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    Chiang Mai-Pa Pae And Some Dirt Tracks

    The Route 107, 3009, 1095

    Total Distance 165 km

    I turn left off the 1095 at Pa pae and take a paved road for a few km that has a small running stream alongside it for a while

    At a fork I take a left that soon stops where these statues are being carved

    Another one is being measured and it will be a baby Buddha

    A finished baby Buddha

    I ride on and the surface turns to unpaved at N19 08.082 E098 41.407 at a junction with another track, here I turn left

    I was surprised at how clear a day it was out here

    At a junction this was being built, here I take a left

    This track doesnt look like its been used for a while and that deep rut in the middle might be a problem

    Just past here I reach a paved surface that goes up towards those transmitters.
    Its a paved surface from N19 07.631 E098 38.429 to N19 06.786 E098 38.374

    I go up to the transmitters for some good views

    Then along the dirt track

    I take a left to get back to my start point at Pa Pae and now its a ride through the forest

    This brings me back to my start point and the surface returns to paved at N19 07.164 E098 42.050
    These were all new tracks for me today, still lots to find around Chiang mai

    Along the 1095

    Now some shots from along the 3009

    Back in Chiang Mai and my bike gets washed every 12,000 km whether it needs one or not

    Personally I dont think it needs one but at Kawasaki they are a bit funny about servicing them in this state

    Yes all of that came off my bike

    My wallet is now 80 Baht lighter and the KLX feels about 8 kg lighter

    A monster pizza at Pizza N Pasta for 420 Baht, I used to easily consume one of these but tonight I struggled to finish it, thats worrying

    You can get the gdb file from my website here

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    Re: Chiang Mai-Pa Pae And Some Dirt Tracks

    Monster Pizza it is!

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