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Thread: Southbound on the 3037

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    Southbound on the 3037

    (Trip completed on 12 March 2012)
    My first trip on this road was northbound sans camera. I fell in love with this road so on my next Mae Sai run I decided to head over to Doi Mae Salong for lunch, and then run the length of the 3037 southbound from Tha Ton (20.062799,99.449594) to the junction of the 118 at Mae Suai (19.6731,99.55312). If I remember correctly it is a 75km stretch with plenty of twists and turns. It is certainly a nice break from the 118/Chiang Rai Highway Road.
    Note: If you are heading north on the 118 look for the signs to Wawee. The turnoff is about 2km past the 109 junction to Fang.

    Heading westward on the 1089 the turnoff sign is obscured so a keen eye is needed.

    Photos from the road

    I pulled over for a little break

    More photos

    Nice twisty stuff

    The 118 is down there somewhere...
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    Re: Southbound on the 3037

    Nice one JB.

    That looks a lovely little road.
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    Re: Southbound on the 3037

    Yes nice one.

    This would be what I call the "Mae Saluk - Wawi -Mae Suai" road.

    There's some nice wet season photos of it here
    from a trip Moto-Rex, The Kiwi Cruiser & I did in 2010.
    Its a road not too many people do, but it is well worth it.

    Now I wonder if anyone has spent a night in Wawi of late -what's the accommodation, wining & dining like?
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    Re: Southbound on the 3037

    Thank you for this interestring illustrated itinerary and for the additional link from David. I have never been on this Route, even so it is on my wish list till some time ... a good motivation to jump on the bike!
    These roads are made for travelling


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