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Thread: Great day to wash the bike

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    Great day to wash the bike

    I was in Luang Prabang for the New Years celebration and figured it be a great time to get the bike washed.

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    Re: Great day to wash the bike

    Ha ha! And here I thought that only Songkran was mad only in Thailand and that in Laos it is celebrated in a more "subdued" and "traditional" fashion. Guess I was mistaken!

    I bet you were tempted to stop and have some words with that DIKC who chucked the ice at you

    Ride On!


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    Re: Great day to wash the bike

    Top video. I missed all the fun this year in a very sedate VN. Greatly enjoyed my Songkran days ringing wet in Chiang Mai.
    LOVE that bike.....takes me back!

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    Re: Great day to wash the bike

    Nice video, a lot of westerners playing Songkran in Luang Prabang.
    Here in Khon Kaen it was as usually totally packed and one big party (until late at night). I saw one guy on a big sports bike and dressed in full-leather and full-face helmet.... he was at least "not amused" by all the water people were throwing over him.

    Chang Noi

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    Re: Great day to wash the bike

    Super vdo. So LPQ now is not unlike Chiang Mai's water wars.
    Sad about the idiot throwing ice, but there's always a few around.
    Keep The Power On

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    Re: Great day to wash the bike

    I had thought about going back and having a few words with the idiot throwing the ice but why ruin a great day over one jerk.

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