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Thread: Vientiane Restaurants

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    Vientiane Restaurants

    Le Provencal
    I'm not normally much of a farang food man, but one of the best pizzas I've ever had was at Le Provencal, French restaurant by the Nam Phu in Vientiane.
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    in fact I enjoyed it so much I went back for a 2nd, the very next night.
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    Re: Vientiane Restaurants

    The pizza looks delicious! What did it cost?
    OTOH, was it the beer Lao that made it taste so good??
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    Re: Vientiane Restaurants

    Another plug for Daniel's Le Provencal.

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    25 years ago Daniel had 1 of the first, if not the first, French restaurant in Chiang Mai: Le Rendezvous, in the soi beside the railway station.

    The restaurant situated by the Nam Phou fountain in Vientiane

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    "Mrs Daniel slaving away over a hot stove."

    Yep that's a wood fired pizza oven:

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    Khopchaideu Pub & Restaurant
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    Vientiane's # 1 Pub & Restaurant, the biggest Beer Lao seller in Vte.

    My favourite happy Pub & Restaurant, plus the place where the Lao Ducati guys hang out when in town

    Good food / music / service
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    The 3rd floor cocktail lounge with a view
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    Pub & Restaurant, the place where I usually end up at the end of the night.
    Good bands, service & adult crowd. No teenage disco music / dancing.

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    Felicia band with Miss Ning Nong singing
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    Tukta is the senational bartendee
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    Bartendee Tukta & singer Pat
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    Miss Pat
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    by the fountain. Vientiane's new hot spot
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    but not as good as KCD.

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    Apple is the buxom singer with the big voice & very chirpy personality
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    She's also a long time GTR friend
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    Khopchaideu, Galaxy & Wind West are all on the GTR Vientiane city map, if you want to locate them.
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