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Thread: Honda Big Wing, Ladprao

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    Honda Big Wing, Ladprao

    Name:  Honda-Big-Wing-LR-1-L.jpg
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    Set back from Praditmanutham Road in Ladprao, the entrance can easily be
    Name:  Honda-Big-Wing-Map-L.jpg
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    GPS Coordinates: N13.80602 E100.61698
    Phone: 02-790-3999 website:

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    If anything is a barometer to the way Thai motorcycling is trending then Honda Thailand’s remarkable flagship bike store is the nexus where boutique meets biking.
    Design is to the fore where one would almost expect Armani clothing to be on sale rather than motorcycles.

    But the placement of their iconic oval pistoned NR shows that Honda is not doing this on a whim.
    Name:  Honda-NR-1-L.jpg
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    I remember riding up to the NEC in blizzard to see this when it was launched in 1992.
    Name:  Honda-NR-2-L.jpg
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    Name:  Honda-Big-Wing-LR-5-L.jpg
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    Inside there is certainly space for adding further models to Honda’s rather limited big bike offering.

    Name:  VFR-2-L.jpg
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    VFR1200F (DCT) – 899,000
    Name:  VFR-1-L.jpg
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    Lurking at the back is Moby the big white Goldwing
    Name:  Goldwing-1-L.jpg
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    GL1800 – 1,539,000THB *
    with more cockpit buttons than an Airbus
    Name:  Goldwing-Cockpit-1-L.jpg
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    *Note: Red Baron are selling 2012 Glodwings [sic] for 1,280,000THB

    CBR1000RR – 799,000THB
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    In a corner hidden from sight is the CRF250R – 310,000THB
    Name:  CRF-2-L.jpg
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    In addition to HJC helmets Honda Clothing Accessories have not been overlooked
    Name:  Honda-Clothing-2-L.jpg
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    But the sizes are definitely for the svelte Thai market.
    Name:  CRF-2-L.jpg
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    SWMBO was definitely attracted to X-Tourer
    Name:  XTourer-1-L.jpg
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    the NC700X 451,000THB in black with boxes and bars looked the business,
    but at 230kgs weighs almost as much as my Bavarian barge.

    It’s b’stard scooter brother the Integra – 487,000THB
    Name:  Scooter-2-L.jpg
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    weighs in at 238kgs
    Name:  Scooter-1-L.jpg
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    Almost making a mockery with Honda’s origins, this mint Model A
    Name:  Honda-Model-A-L.jpg
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    and venerable Cub
    Name:  Honda-Cub-L.jpg
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    The beast , CX650 Turbo
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    the back office business department
    Name:  Honda-CX650-2-L.jpg
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    Downstairs a good coffee shop,
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    Gloria Jean’s, awaits those in need of refreshment even for Ducati piloti
    Name:  Honda-Big-Wing-LR-2-L.jpg
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    but with what some may consider a modest biker breakfast on offer
    Name:  Gloria-Jeans-Breakfast-L.jpg
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    This will be a great venue for Honda to start and finish rides from but the solitary [one!] loo,
    will mean delayed or anguished departures for many…

    Signage promising of services to come
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    We were told the test fleet was already out at another location in Bangkok.
    Allegedly the full range was available to test ride – but would suggest you call to confirm.

    Honda’s Pricing & Payment plans.
    Name:  Honda-Big-Wing-Pricing-L.jpg
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    Those with an interest in this extraordinary building's architecture can read more here.

    A 100 metres or so before Honda along Praditmanutham Road is a collection of three shops.

    Name:  Dianese-LR-3-S.jpg
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    Dianese ph: 02 539 4102
    Name:  Dianese-LR-2-L.jpg
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    Stadium Accessories ph: 02-539-4011
    Name:  Stadium-3-L.jpg
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    with a neighbouring Nankai & Arai helmet shop – no details yet
    Name:  Stadium-2-L.jpg
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    There is limited parking so you can always park at Honda and walk back.
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    Re: Honda Big Wing, Ladprao

    Good to see Honda finally gatting their act together but I personally will only be buying one of their domestically made models

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    Re: Honda Big Wing, Ladprao

    Thanks for the excellent photos & info.

    Indeed it is exciting to finally see the big guys in town with imported bikes. The dynamics of the Thai motorcycle scene are changing at an incredible pace now & it is all for the good IMHO.
    The new biking shops: Arai & Dainese & Nankai confirm that things are definitely on the right track.
    Who would have thought this 10 years ago? Not many.

    Being a life long Honda rider I'm certainly interested in a new Honda to replace my slowly fading AT, sad to say.
    Ideally it would preferably be a Transalp 700 for the type of riding I have been doing over the years & continue to do; with the CRF250L a back-up machine for riding dirt & exploring.
    As there is no Transalp available the NC700X looks to be the next best bet for me in the Honda range, but the price is an absolute killer for me.
    It is heavier than AT, but I'm sure the weight is a lot lower down & so much more manageable. The trick gearbox & throttle control also sounds a brilliant asset for easier riding, although I'm not sure how it would really go in the tight twisty bumpy stuff in the mountains. I would like to test ride one in Cnx when the bike pops up here.

    Now I wonder how Honda Big Wing are going to supply & service their customers up-country- will they open up regional branches of the same standard with properly trained staff? Time will tell I guess.
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    Re: Honda Big Wing, Ladprao

    \the bikes are not competitvly priced , Honda need to build bikes in thailand to be reasonable

    NCX 700 is 250,000 in europe

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