Thailand / Myanmar Border Notes

Thailand / Myanmar (Burma) the legal international land border crossings are:
1. Mae Sai (T) / Tachilek (M)
2. Mae Sot (T) / Myawaddy (M)
bikers however, these are not viable options for touring Myanmar, as
travel permits for individual riders are not yet generally available,
and who knows when it will become a reality?

Note (1) that there is a 3rd legal crossing from Ranong (T) to
Victoria Point (M), in the south of Thailand. This however, is not a
land border crossing, but a sea crossing by boat.

Note (2) that in August 2004 Simon & Suzi Harby riding an Africa
Twin & a Transalp, rode from India via Nagaland & Manipur, thru
Burma & into North Thailand at Mae Sai. This was a world first, but
is most likely going to remain a one-off trip & not be repeated for
a long time. Check out Simon & Suzi’s site for info & their trip report. Also take a look at this GT Rider forum report.

Take a look at the Borders Directory and Borders Map for guides to legal international land border crossings in the area.