14 Days Feb/mar 2018

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    Hopefully this will give some more ideas of places to go see.

    Good Day loop out of Nan. 295 kms. Early departure go anticlockwise & lunch at Boklua View resort, or late departure and go clockwise.

    2018-11-28 03.10.23 pm.

    Don't forget to do the 'Big Dipper' both ways on the way to Phatang

    2018-11-28 03.11.38 pm.

    Only 250 Kms but a whole bunch of stuff to see & do between Phatang & Mae Salong. Starting with the sunrise over Laos.

    2018-11-28 03.12.34 pm.

    Good Day loop out of Mae Salong to the White Temple. 280 kms.

    2018-11-28 03.13.11 pm.

    Another good Day loop - only a short distance but will take most of the day. 120 kms.

    2018-11-28 03.13.54 pm.

    The small detour from The Ton to Fang is well worth adding to a standard run to Pai. 301 kms.

    2018-11-28 03.14.55 pm.

    Looking for a day ride from Pai? 122kms

    2018-11-28 03.15.27 pm.

    Pai to Mae Hong Son - add in a side loop to Ban Rak Thai. 170 kms.

    2018-11-28 03.15.57 pm.

    Arrived at Mae Sariang too early - continue down to Mae Sam Laep. 280 kms. Easily doable even with the Long Neck Karen visit - do the Huay Pu Keng one. Nice little ferry ride & we were the only tourists there at 9am.

    2018-11-28 03.16.32 pm.

    Looking for an alternate way back to Chiang Mai, from Mae Chaem head NE to Sameong the back way and eventually pop out at the X Centre for a late lunch. I will admit to getting just a little geographically confused up around Ban Dong as there are a LOT more roads than on the maps & GPS. 300kms. 2018-11-28 03.17.12 pm.

    Happy to share more with anyone interested - I am not going to add photos as they will be the same as everyone else's.
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    it would be nice if you added photos, your observations would be unique, and give others some ideas, and they are entertaining as I can say
    'i've been there"'
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