1986 FZX 750 spare parts

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by malcolm, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. I am looking for coolant pipes and timing chain tensioner for this bike.
    Does anybody have an idea about where to find these in Asia?? :lol: needed
  2. Never heard of that bike, had to look it up :) Seems a bit like predecessor to the VMax!
    Cant imagine anyone would stock parts for such a rare bike here in Thailand. Best to order from abroad.
  3. Tony, it is indeed called "baby v-max" ....i think sold in some places as Fazer . I nearly bought one a while back , but had Vmax that time :) .
    Spares for the fzx750 will not be easily found....unless it shares parts with other , more popular, yamaha bikes ( ie vmax, virago... ).

    i recall that Franz mentioned a place in chonburi some years back where you might get lucky and find second hand parts. Also red baron is worth a try...i got spares for my Bros 650 , also years ago...
  4. Yeah, the used parts warehouse at Red Baron might have what the OP needs, but I understand he's located in Chiang Mai, so a bit of a drive ;)

    Anyway, coolant pipes are fairly generic and I'm sure he can find something here that will work, and the timing chain tensioner is a small inexpensive part that probably would not incur any duty if mailed in a small plain envelope.
  5. I don't know if they still do it , but i sent an email to red baron prior to travelling there asking for the parts....and to my surprise, they replied ! :)

    Agreed, the smaller and "usual" the package the likelier to pass without "import tax" being added . Also suggest to send it not by courier , just regular mail service will raise the least attention .
  6. That bike is a jewel its got the legendary 750 5 valve head motor ,,,much better handling,braking and weight than a lardy v max too
  7. Quite right, wonderful engine !
    I have one in Thailand and another one in France.

    I think it is easy to find the very short coolant pipes in a car parts shop.
    As for the chain tensioner, you can find it on Ebay.

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