1995 Honda Baja 250 for sale with green book and plate SOLD

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by muzza, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. muzza

    muzza Active Member

    Selling my Honda Baja 250 , year 1995 , kick start only, green book , taxed and insured until Aug 2010. had it for 2 years but don�t use it much. Asking 65,000 baht.
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  3. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    Dear Muzza

    Bike looks great, better then the one I have. If I would not have one I would be surely interested for this price with green book. These bikes always work and keep on driving. Great bikes.


  4. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Fair price for a fair bike, Muzza...
    Cheap to care, reliable, efficient and bulletproof, these 250 series are timeless bikes!


    I guess you are going to sell it VERY quickly!

    I just sold one here in CNX about 2 months ago. Same year, apparently same good riding condition, but "painting" not so good...
    And same price range: with green book and Ins I sold it 56000 KB...

    The new owner is very happy with it, riding through the mountain, here, as often as he can do!..

    I do like when the two parties feel happy in a trade... :D

    Good luck, Muzza,
  5. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    I could not agree more with you Gobs, timeless bikes who can match up on all fronts to todays bikes
  6. muzza

    muzza Active Member

    bike is now sold.
  7. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hey, you saw? 2 weeks and that's done!..


    Good for you Muzza!

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