1995 Honda Baja 250 for sale with green book and plate SOLD

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  1. Selling my Honda Baja 250 , year 1995 , kick start only, green book , taxed and insured until Aug 2010. had it for 2 years but don�t use it much. Asking 65,000 baht.
  2. Dear Muzza

    Bike looks great, better then the one I have. If I would not have one I would be surely interested for this price with green book. These bikes always work and keep on driving. Great bikes.


  3. Fair price for a fair bike, Muzza...
    Cheap to care, reliable, efficient and bulletproof, these 250 series are timeless bikes!


    I guess you are going to sell it VERY quickly!

    I just sold one here in CNX about 2 months ago. Same year, apparently same good riding condition, but "painting" not so good...
    And same price range: with green book and Ins I sold it 56000 KB...

    The new owner is very happy with it, riding through the mountain, here, as often as he can do!..

    I do like when the two parties feel happy in a trade... :D

    Good luck, Muzza,
  4. I could not agree more with you Gobs, timeless bikes who can match up on all fronts to todays bikes
  5. bike is now sold.
  6. Hey, you saw? 2 weeks and that's done!..


    Good for you Muzza!

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