2015 Tour Of Europe - 13 Countries

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    Tried doing pictorial report but it would take me ages to do so, hence figured better post videos.
    Trip took place back in August and September 2015. Me and wife were celebrating 20th anniversary and this was a perfect adventure to mark the occasion.

    30 days ride, 7,700km through 13 countries on BMW K1600GTL. No incidents whatsoever, perfect roads and fantastic weather conditions, courteous road users.
    Bike performed as I expected, no issues whatsoever, in fact throughout entire trip I never even had to adjust tire pressure, incredible.

    Munich - Ehrwald / Tirolean Zugspitze - St Moritz - Zernez - Livigno - Umbrail Pass - Stelvio Pass - Dolomites - San Boldo Pass - Verona - Rome - Vatican - Naples - Amalfi Coast - Civittavecchia - Ferry to Barcelona - Valencia - Cartagena - Granada - Tarifa - Gibraltar - Lisbon - Madrid - Andorra - Pompadour - Paris - Luxembourg - Brussels - Amsterdam - Schwangau / Neuschwanstein - Munich.

    It's been 14 months since we completed this trip but only now I've found some free time to create the videos. The very first video you going to see has been done by Thai friend of mine because I really suck in video editing. The rest are all done by me, so please excuse my lack of expertise in this field.

    Some of the videos contain copyrighted audio, it might not be possible to play on mobile devices but works on desktop computers without any issues.
    Please select HD settings, preferably 1080p for better viewing experience.

    First video contains following quick footage:
    Munich - Zugspitze (Ehrwald) - Zernez - Livigno - Umbrail - Stelvio - Dolomites - San Boldo - Verona - Rome and Vatican.

    Ride through Switzerland

    Arrival to Duty Free Haven of Livigno

    Stelvio Pass

    to be continued....
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  2. Good stuff. Will watch these on the big smart TV
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  3. Couple of great videos. The first one you certainly had funky music from Austria to Italy

    Second one quite a few cyclist punishing themselves going the wrong way up.

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  4. Amalfi Coast road SS 163 Amalfitana.

    It is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, between Sorrento and Salerno. This spectacular road built at a very steep angle is one of the best coastal drives in the world. Famous for its hairpin bends, zigzags, the views over the sea, and the narrowness, road winds along the numerous cliffs.

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  5. Arrival to Amalfi.

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  6. Always wanted to visit this place and my wish finally came true during this trip.

    San Boldo Pass (Passo San Boldo) in Northern Italy.

    This is a small mountain pass in Veneto between the towns of Trichiana and Tovena over a distance of 17 km in length.

    The mountain pass is called the SP 635 and only one lane is passable, traffic being regulated by sets of lights. Speed limit is set at 30km/h and a height limit of 3.2 m, after buses were repeatedly stuck in the tunnel.

    There are five tunnels blasted into the rock with hairpin turns or loops, and six bridges.

    Austro-Hungarian army built the road from February to June 1918 as part of its World War I logistical efforts.

    The road to supply the front was built in only three months. Due to its short construction period, it is nicknamed the "Road of 100 Days."

    Prisoners of war, the elderly, women and children of the local population were pressed into service to build it. In its final construction phase, 1,400 workers worked in three shifts to build this strategically important connection.

    Despite the extreme topography, the requirement that the road be used for transporting heavy artillery and supplies meant that the grade could not exceed 12%.

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  7. Day 10 of our motorcycle Tour of Europe. After few days exploring Amalfi Coast we are on our way to Porto di Civitavecchia, main Ferry / Cruise Liner Terminal to Spain. 22 hours cruise across sunny Mediterranean, arrived to Barcelona early evening and rode immediately to Sagrada Familia cathedral. More on this in upcoming Part 4. Thanks for watching and commenting.

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  8. Motorcycle Tour of Europe, rides through some major South European cities:
    Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon and Madrid.

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  9. Thats a great tour with nice videos goran.
    I hope this year i can do a germany - swizerland - italy - austria tour
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  10. Easy since you reside in Germany...if I live there I would be spending entire summer riding on Alpine passes.
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