Asia Cross Country Rally

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  1. This event is on at the moment
    Bangkok - Angkor Wat
    1,600 kms
    10-16th August 2012

    Bikes are included for the first time.
    Some early results for the bikes


    Asia Cross Country Rally

    10th August Official Scrutineering & Riders Briefing
    Leg 1 SS1 Prologue Ceremonial Start Pattaya

    13th August Leg 2 Pattaya - Sa Kaeo

    14th August Leg 3 Sa Kaeo - Sa Kaeo

    15th August Leg 4 Sa Kaeo - Angkor Wat

    16th August Leg 5 Angkor Wat - Angkor Wat
    Ceremonial Finish & Prize Giving
  2. Interesting to See that the first 2 Bikes leading are the locally produced CRF250L with Thai Riders! And Leading a Mixed Bunch of other makes and Models supposedly superior? Including a KTM 690 Enduro supported by KTM Thailand!
  3. Bungy
    The results above were for SS1, SS2 has been done today but Ive not seen the results yet.
  4. Good on them i think the lead bike riders have ability to go hard and having no fear helps + if the top riders have had a chance to pre-run some of the stages :D
    This year at the Tatts Finke Desert Race for the first time was the Chinese Wolfpack team For the 2012, the team were supplied with the Ross Bohlin owned 6 litre Chev powered Ford Courier. In China they call themselfs, Racing Tibetan Mastiff dogs! apparently off road racing is now very big in China they said they would be back next year with there own gear and bike riders as well. So just wonder how long before you will see Chinese riders in the Asia Cross Country Rally.
  5. SS2 Results + Overall Standings

  6. Little CRF250L Still leading all the Big Boys! Way to Go!!!
  7. SS3 & Khun Dusit riding for KTM Thailand cracks a mention,

  8. SS4 Cambodia. Svay Chek - Bayon. 173 kms.

  9. If you're not sure what the Asia Cross Country Rally is:

    In 2012 Motorcycles were included in the event for the first time.
  10. What a Shame for the Thai Rider on the New Thailand produced CRF250L to get beaten to the Checkered Flag after leading the Entire Race!!! Still a very Good Performance by the Thai Team to come 2nd & 5th on Possibly the slowest Bikes Competing? Well Done!
  11. Yes a bit of a shame i bet the CRF250L was not standard be interesting to know how it was set up..... BUT GO THE WR400 :thumbup:
  12. For the CRF to beat a WR250R, a WR400, a 250 KTM, a 350 KTM, a 450 KTM, a 500 KTM, a 690 KTM, a DR400Z, a CRF450L, a CRF450X, a KLX450R and 250 Huski is an unbelievable feat! It must have been highly modified and ridden by a master. I wonder why no KLX250 took part?

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