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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Tom Forde, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. It has taken me 3 years, but I am finally back in LOS.
    I am based in Samui at the moment and arrived back in CM about a week ago. Still got old Doris, she was fully loaded with Touratek boxes and girlfriend aboard. She sat on 120k/m all day and we done the trip to CM in 3 days, on acount of the girlfriends pee stops.
    Done the MHS loop with David and Mai from Chiang Kong then around the GT for a few days. She is now getting tyres and brake pads at Joes.(Metzler Enduro 3's are too soft - I put them on in Oz because of the dirt riding I was doing)
    My girl calls Doris my Mai Noy on account of the lack of sex and attention I haven't give her lately since I rode the bike up from Malaysia.
    Anyhow I should catch up with the GT riders in the coming weeks.
    I will write up a full trip report when back in Samui.
    See you around.
  2. Tom
    Great to see you back mate. I hope we can get in a couple of rides before you head back down south.

    Sorry to hear about your "Doris & Meea Noi" problems. But did you spend time in Sydney on the way up......

    Surely this only applies in Sydney. Ha. Ha.
  3. Strange that you don't mention not having any trouble getting a stiffie Col! Do they sell the "little blue pills" at 7/11 mate? ;-)


  4. My wife also calls my Ducati.s Mia Nois as i can only ride a woman for 30 minutes before falling asleep but I can ride the bikes for hours and hours and afterward spend hours more cuddling them with tools.
  5. Ha ha, you got me there mate! ;-)
  6. Hey David,
    That article is appropriate, I was doing ok in the sack until I came up to CM. One ride from MHS through to CM on the Dakar with the girl on the back sure put some pressure on the old seed bags. They got so sore getting crushed against the tank going up and down through the twisties I got off about 100km from HOT and lay on the side of the road in agony. All to the bemusement of my girl.
    Then she wanted some affection so to speak of that night.
    By the way its still on the mend. Maybe I am just getting too old or I trade Doris in on a Gold Wing.


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