Bike storage in Chiang Mai


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Nov 5, 2008
Hi my names skip from England and this is my first post on the GT Rders site and i was hoping some one may be able to help. I'm looking to leave my bike in Chiang Mai while i go home for a rest I'm on a RTW trip and have been on the road now for nearly seven years so a break is much needed, i could also do with some one in the know taking a look at my permit for the bike as i don't know how long i'm alowd to leave it here, i did explain whated i wanted to do to the customs guy and he seemed to think it would be OK but i've lernt not to belive every thing they say. I arrived in Chiang Mai a couple of hours ago (tuesday) and found a small guest house to stay at, i wondered is there any bike friendly guest house's around or a bar where local riders meet up, i get a bit fed up with the backpacker crowd. So any info would be great Many thanks Skip