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Discussion in 'Technical' started by madjbs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Is it possible to still buy BMW cases for a 2001 bike, new from BMW here in Thailand?

    I want the BMW ones because they don't require a big ugly rack system to be semi permanently fitted to the back of my bike. If it is possible, does anyone have an idea on price?

    Alternatively, does anyone know of some kind of system with a similar unobtrusive rack?

  2. Hi madjbs,

    What is your BMW model?


  3. F650GS 2001
  4. OK madjbs. I guessed it was but not sure...

    So, yes, even for a 2001 model, in any BMW dealer you can order the two rear "plastic-cases-looking-like-aluminium". Usually, delay, about 10 to 15 days, because... coming from "Deutschland". Price, if I remember well, is about 40000 Bahts, all included (nuts, paniers, this and that...).
    At least it was so some months ago...

    IMHO, if you have some time, maybe you can check for many advices here:

    All about F650GS luggages (more a ton of infos too!).

    Please, allow me to give you my opinion:
    These paniers (though they fit nice and are well designed) are known for "not to be strong enough" for heavy duty... They are pretty good to go daily to your "office job" bringing your suit in... Nothing wrong with this, just a quote...
    For my part I shouldn't choose this system after having had a "hand touch" on it: plastic, plastic and... glued plastic!
    But it's only my opinion...

    More over, the specially designed tank bag (available too on order, about 8000 Bahts) is very "functionnal" (?), reliable and well designed. But one more time, though I own one, I have some doubts in case of heavy duty... I think it's more a "city-thing"... At least, in case of a light drop, it can't be ruined where it is settled!..

  5. Thanks for the reply Gobs.

    I have also read that they are not so strong, especially the plastic mounts which seem to snap off. However, you can bolt on metal mounts quite easily apparently, if they do break.

    For me, the slender look of the rack and the tight fit of the cases make up for the limitations. I probably would only be using them on fairly decent roads, so I reckon they will be ok. On longer or more bumpy trips I would just take some backup mounts in case the ones on the cases snap off.


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