Chiangmai Bike Week

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  1. hi, to all bikers, i will like to ask when is the Chiangmai Bike Week held on as i plan to join in the ride n who to contact, as i will be flying CNX on the 09th August... so hope to get some help here... thanks...
  2. Chiang Mai Bike Week is normally the first weekend in December, however it is not yet certain that it will happen this year.
  3. Nothing is certain yet Colin. Northern Comets, the organizers of the previous CM Bike Week events are debating the matter at present. The chatter suggests that the event may not take place. The first weekend in December is always a busy time for biking in Northern Thailand. Many people are out on bike trips and it has been a good weekend to meet up in Chiang Mai.. That remains the case and I am sure some other events will take place. Last year there was another bike party at Big C on the same day as the Northern Comet event. So for those thinking about coming to CM first weekend of December, I am sure there will be plenty to do, and some events to attend if desired. I will keep ears open and post any developments here.
    If there is no other organized ride on the Saturday, I am sure we can set up A GT-Rider outing.
  4. Thanks for ur infor as I have been to Phuket bike week for afew year n many ppl told me Chiangmai Bike Week is the biggest event of all Bike Week n I plan to put my bike on the Train all to Chiangmai from Hat Yai, hope to join in the event... Cheers.

  5. I've only been able to find "Northern Bike Week" in Chiang Mai beginning on 5 Nov 2011. Haven't found any other organizational info for that event.
  6. I think there will not have a Chiangmai Bike Week for this year, as I m really forward to see the different between Phuket Bike Week from them, keeping my finger cross....


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