Crash damaged Kawasaki ER6 for sale......75000 baht

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  1. selling my crash damaged ER6 (non ABS) with 8000k on engine......i have no interest in doing anything with the bike due to injury so i hope to sell it on to maybe

    somebody whose racing one for spares
    a bike rental shop for spares
    owner of a high mileage bike
    somebody who is looking for a project

    i have the green book in my name and the bike has FSH stamps in book........the frame has a dong on the rhside near the headstock but i cannot tell u if the frame is bent..........the bike is in Chiang Mai so if u wish to come and have a look pm me or tel...0868425633

    Attached files 267247=2916-P1000860%20(Small). 267247=2918-P1000861%20(Small). 267247=2917-P1000867%20(Small). 267247=2915-P1000870%20(Small).
  2. Hope you were not too badly injured.

  3. Hi Joe,

    I hope injuries are not that bad also.

    Would be interested to see the bike if its possible, let me know.

  4. thanks Brian and lordofthedreads for your best wishes,i am on the mend now but wont be fit enough to ride a big bike for a while yet so the money from the er6 will be going towards something on 4 wheels for now

    lordofthedreads.........if u want to view the bike please telephone me to arrange a suitable time
  5. Any chance of list of what it definitely, and then possibly needs, and then the prices from kawasaki?

    From the pics it looks like it definitely needs a gas tank and front forks.

    And possibly a new frame.

    Any chance of getting the price of these from Kawa?
  6. Since Joe said he wont do anything with the bike I dont think he will go and check the prices for repairs.....
  7. Fair enough. It is only a simple email to kawa big bike though, and would probably help with the sale having such info present.
  8. With that big dent in the frame (visible in the second photo) this bike should be totaled and parted out.

    Considering how cheap new parts are from Kawasaki and how little of the bike appears undamaged I'd guesstimate you might have a hard time making 75k Baht parting this bike out...

    Not that there's not 75k Baht worth of parts there, but rather there's just not much demand for the expensive bits like engine internals, because these engines hardly ever break.

    Wishing Joe a speedy recovery and best of luck with the sale.


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