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  1. Goran Phuket

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    Look what I just found on social media:

    Kurviger - Dein Motorrad-Routenplaner

    1. Enter starting point and destination
    2. Click on one of the 3 following icons below: fastest, curvy or extra curvy route.
    3. Click on advanced options for additional information

    There you go.

    I did small test: Phu Chi Fa to Doi Ang Khang:

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  3. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    Just another proof that OSM is the way to go. Kurviger has been around for a few years.
    Play with it in area you know quite well as a roundtrip. The suggestions it comes up with are amazing.
    And for roundtrips you can decided in which direction the ride should go.
    Easy to export a GPX file to your GPS.
  4. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    Kurviger just released an Android App. Android App Free version. Se below for screenshoots.

    - Map labels in Thai. Web version has them in English.
    - Offline maps only in Pro version. If you have a paid for OsmAnd+ you can import the track and use it offline.

    -Excellent file handling export/import
    -Export in many different formats
    -Selectable data to export. Track/waypoints/route. 1-2 or all 3.
    -Very easy to use menus.
    -Superb planning tool.

    My conclusion:
    This is intended as a planning tool even though they have added navigation to the App version.
    I have used the Web version for a few years and quite happy with that. Much easier to work on a full screen computer, paper map next to the computer. Coffee, beer or whatever other tools you might need right there on the table. That’s called planning mode.
    Then export whatever route or loops you have planned to your GPS or smartphone.

    Has turned out nice for my 50-90km bicycle rides in and around Nan.
    (I have asked them to add more options for type of roads to be included. Dirt tracks, single trail etc)

    The PRO version gives you this.
    - Offline maps
    - Turn-by-turn voice navigation
    - Longer round trips (1000km / 600mi)
    - Alternative routes
    - Hillshading (see the outlines of hills and mountains)

    In my opinion not worth it. They use Openstreetmaps, which is free, so they charge a lot for functions that are free or cheaper in other apps.
    Kurvigers strengt is it’s brilliant OSM extraction of curved roads and avoidance..

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_12-05-35.
    Easy to use menus.

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_12-04-58.
    Export in several different formats.

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_12-06-29.
    This is Kurvigers strengt. All other navigation system will take you the quickest route from A to B, some has some selection.

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_13-41-38.
    A loop in Nan. The free version do not have navigation. If you have any other app with navigation you can import the GPX file and be on your way.

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_13-29-43.
    Same route imported to OsmAnd+ and set for navigation.

    Kurviger app 2017-06-27_13-29-23.
    OsmAnd+ in larger scale.
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