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  1. Deano747

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    I am looking for a day ride for a couple of hours from Chiang Rai. We will already have travelled from Nan to Chiang Khong for an overnight, then to Chiang Rai via Chiang Saen the day before, and heading south and across to Pai the next day, so didn't really want to go over those roads again. My initial look is at following the 1232 and 1173 into Wiang Chai, the 1173 North East to Mae Bong, West on the 1098 to Tha Khao Plueak, then South West along the 1209 to where it joins the 1 just to the North of the Buffalo Temple. Only around 124 km's so looks like an easy mornings ride, gives a while to have a look around the Buffalo Temple and Chiang Rai itself. Lunch recommendations please in Tha Khao Plueak, or maybe Doi Luang, and are the reservoirs just to the North of Tha Khao Plueak worth a look. We will be on road bikes so don't want too far on dirt roads. Thanks.
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  3. Deano747

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    Guys, any thoughts or suggestions on a shortish day loop from Chiang Rai?
  4. Jurgen

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    Doi Tung and down to Mae Sai is a very scenic route (depending what kind of trip you like ... I love mountains). Several possibilities to go up (see the book from David). There are short possibilities ore even around Mae Salong

    For pictures of my last North tour you can check

    DSC_7809. [/img][/url]
  5. Deano747

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    Thanks for the reply, do you mean Doi Tung on the 1149 on the Myanmar border, or Doi Thung just North of Chok Chai on the 1098? That whole 1149 loop looks like a lot of fun, though a lot of it looks like dirt and wouldn't suit what I want to do. I am using quite a lot of bits from David's book and Maps to do the planning for this next trip.
  6. DavidFL

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    Day rides from Chiang Rai?
    Doi Mae Salong
    Doi Tung
    Alongside the Kok river north or south

    A bit hard to seriously advise because "a day ride for a couple of hours" from Chiang Rai is a bit vague.

    Check out either of the museums / temples
    1. Wat Rong Khun , the white temple & Khun Kon waterfall
    2. The Buffalo & Black temple North of town ... t5900.html

    Take a look here ... t6096.html
    for a few local Chiang Rai ideas
  7. Jurgen

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    My proposition was Doi Tung on 1149 and down toward Mai Sai (view on Burmese mountains and also on the other side of valley). I did it 2 month ago, the road is quite OK, just winding, no dirt. The 1149 is a short loop (long for me because I stop for pictures and sometimes to speak with people).

    You can go up through another longer way (as recommended in David's book).

    Route 1130 and 1234 around Mae Salong is another classical loop, absolutely wonderful. You might even combine both destinations (depending on available time).

  8. Deano747

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    David, thank you for your suggestions. I am intending to do both the White Temple and the Buffalo & Black Temple, and liking your idea of meandering along the Kok River. We were looking for something between Chiang Rai and the Lao Border, but the 1130, 1234, 1089, 1314 and 1089 looks like a good day ride as well.

    Jurgen, thank you for that as well. Looks like I will go play North West instead of North East of Chiang Rai. I only have 12 days up there, can't do it all I am afraid.

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