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    I have been using this page for past 2 years and so far has been quite accurate:

    Windy TV

    What are you guys using?
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  2. Cool, I saved it on My Computer!
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  3. I have been using www.magicseaweed.com for boating but looks like the Windy TV is much better.
    I think it is funny how they have such wierd/different names for weather programmes.
  4. TMD got a new weather radar that cover the Nan airport and approach. Located in Tha Wang Pha, right on the corner of 101 and 1148. Been in service for about 6 months and with two radars (120 and 240 nm) they cover a huge area.
  5. What I experienced with Foreca riding to Vientiane earlier this week
  6. That's a damp ride there mate, for so late in the year.
    Foreca is good. Windy is clever, not sure about accuracy.
    Thanks Oddvar, TMD radar is most helpful. Lamphun was down for a long time but now operating again and the Nan station looks most helpful. As you say, covers a huge area, but being radar, perhaps limited accuracy at far ranges.

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