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    I have been Living in Asia since around 1991 and have meet some real Characters over the Years and it never fails to amaze Me Who knows Who and Who knows What!
    Anyway I was in the office today and I hear a "Good Aye Mate" and look around to See an Old Friend Evan Jones. I have known Evan since My Years living in Indonesia and He is Extensively Traveled and has an Amazing Knowledge of SEA and its People. He was one of the Original Adventure Tourism Pioneers, He actually had 3 Old Indonesian Ships taking people around the Islands and ran Bicycle Tours etc! So We are Talking and it Turns out He actually knows David GT-Rider from some 20 Years or more back when he was Drawing Maps by Hand and Running the Book shop in Town! So I give David a Call and He comes around and We spend the Next few Hours reminiscing about the Vast Swathe of People and Places We know or have in common! It Truely is an Amazing Place and it may be hard for some of the Guys New to SEA to comprehend just How much the Older Lifer Expats have Experienced and What they Actually know! This was brought Home to Me on Our Recent Burma Ride where most all of those on the Ride had Extensive Knowledge of Multiple SEA Countries, the Governments and Ultimately the Rulers and Power Brokers of each Country! The thing is most Long Termers have Traveled Extensively and know many People from all Walks of Life!
    One Island I lived on the same time as Evan at that time had 250.000 Residents, It now has 1.2 Million!!! Truely Incredible! So next time You meet an Older Long Term Expat have a Chat, You May be Amazed at what They can Tell You!
    Here is a Photo of Us.
    David the "GT-Rider" , Evan Jones, Ian Bungy.
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    When you travel alot the world does seem smaller. Since I retired from the military (14+ years ago) I have run into people that I have previously known in some out of the way places such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Antarctica, transiting through airports, and of course Thailand. When you add on the people I have met who know other people that I also know it is even more amazing. Well the military, air traffic control, and overseas contract worlds do have many intersections. Anyhow, it's great that you got to meet up with an old friend. Cheers!

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