Fraser Hill - The Gap

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  1. Goran Phuket

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    The video tells the full story, one of the best mountain roads in Malaysia.


    Dug out this video from my archives (2013) and uploaded to youtube.

    You going to get vertigo watching this one....Wild ride, me on K1600GTL chasing 2 excellent Malaysian BMW GS riders through tight mountain road corners of Fraser Hill, Malaysia. Took me 12 minutes to overtake one of them. I never touched 3rd gear, you can hear K16 foot-pegs scrapping the road surface on multiple occasions. Video best viewed at 1080p HD settings.

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  3. ianyonok

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    That's Scratchin'... wow what a road. You'd have left me behind at the first corner... haha... but I'd be cruisin' to take in the scenery...
    Great vid.... super riding...
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  4. Goran Phuket

    Goran Phuket Moderator Staff Member

    Yup scenery is very nice but Malaysians just wanted to ride like crazy and I had to oblige....
    Btw, this reminds me, I gotta write that raining season ride report and good times we had with you in Chiang Saen. Will do within next 24 hours.
  5. DavidFL

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    Scary ride - scraping the boxes almost.

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