FREE Guide To Motorcycle Safety In Thailand

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  1. VacationMan

    VacationMan Member

    After reading about all the motorcycle accidents and deaths on the local forums and newspapers... and after having many friends killed or injured in bad accidents... I decided to write a guide about some of the things that have so far kept me safe in 6 years and over 100,000 km of riding in Thailand.

    You can download your free copy at:

    Hopefully it can help someone from being involved in an accident or even killed.

    Drive Safe
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  3. blackb15

    blackb15 Ol'Timer

    Very thought provoking ,intresting idea re getting to head of the traffic at lights ,difficult to keep more awareness behind you as so many hazards in front thanks for taking the time to write it .
    I have hired bikes and rode round a lot of Thailand and really agree re the protective /hi vis gear it's a life saver.
    Safe riding
  4. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Nice made, especially because of the pictures. I did not like the photos, you should warn people for that.
    Even for experienced riders in SEA it is a good reminder, because we tend to take things for granted or think to easy about it.
    And for new riders in SEA it is very educating to understand with the pictures what you are talking about.

    One thing ... I agree with getting in front at a traffic light but I disagree with going as first. You should first be sure that there are no cars/bikes coming from other directions. By that time (a few seconds) the first suicidal idiots on scooters are going already full-speed over the intersection. I will be in the front but I will let those ****ers go first. If another car is still coming Darwin will take care.
  5. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Well done VacationMan, that was a good effort & really covered all the important points of riding in Thailand or should I say surviving riding in Thailand!! Thx for sharing.

    Only negative thing from me is the PDF is a little clumsy for easy viewing. It would make for a great PowerPoint presentation or better still, dropped page by page into some editting software with some sound effects & basic narration into a fantastic short safety movie & I bet it would be a big hit on Youtube with expats & tourists alike. Add a final couple of tips (do's n don'ts) about renting scooters & for me would be completely finished project.

    I really don't mean to offend you & hope it's taken as constructive critisim but I seriously think it's good enough to take to the next level for a bigger audience. :p

  6. VacationMan

    VacationMan Member

    Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    Will work on some of the suggestions for the next update.

  7. VacationMan

    VacationMan Member

    Well are you going to share with us what the most important safety rule IS.... that we might can include it in the next edition.


  8. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    Which is?

    I do not agree. The photos drives home the message that this is serious. Like the very graphical photo with the head injury, which I am sure will make the reader remember to always wear a helmet.

    By the way, I prefer to ride in front at the lights too, in order to get a good head start - after making sure there is no more traffic crossing.

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