FWIW: New Rules and requirements...for 90-Day check-in report

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  1. Below are the new requirements for completing the 90-Day Reporting:

    Now these _additional_ documents to be submitted with the TM 47 - the 90 day address report:
    Photocopy of passport Face Page, your current visa, TM6 (Departure Card)...and...
    a copy of a document verifying your address (lease, utility bill, telephone bill, cable bill, etc.)

    Not every communities Immigration office has yet implemented these new requirements...but they will soon required everywhere.
    So more paperwork [hassle] is now required by the 90-Day Parole Officer ;-)
  2. So....does that mean the bill must be in your name? What if you rent?
  3. if you rent, you should have a lease.
  4. A friend of mine (ahem) stopped doing 90 day reports some years ago and has never had any problems exiting or entering the Kingdom or renewing his visa... Anyone think this could be a problem for him? Cheers! Tony
  5. Nothing has changed in UTH at all with the 90 Day Report.

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