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  1. Incredible friendly service and advice in Eagle GPS shop!...

    Hi all,

    Today I went to Eagle GPS in Pantip Plaza (CNX) thinking buying a Garmin Nuvi 205 actually on promotion for 9900 Bahts (12700 TB previously if I remember well)... But these little units are missing yet. So, as I'm not in a hurry, I thought to order one, coming in this case in some few days. OK, why not...
    But you know what? The kind, patient and friendly seller told me that if I can wait until the 15th of this month, there will be a BIG promotion on this model:

    Brand new GARMIN NÃœVI 205 will be on sale for 7900 Bahts!
    With thai map v.10

    Thanks a lot to her!
    It was so unbelievable that a seller advises me in such kind manner (for me at least), that at the first time I didn't understand and asked her to repeat...
    Yes, true: the Nüvi 205 for 7900 TB from the 12/15/2009!..

    Useless to say I was ready to wait some 10 or 12 days more, and save 2000 TB. So I made a 500 TB deposit on the spot as to book one...

    I know, I know: the Nüvi 205 doesn't fit many people here. But in case of I wanted to share this info...

    For my part, as it will be my true first GPS unit, and as I don't realy know what model to choose, I decided to go for a low end device at the first time and make my own experience on riding, driving and walking. I will then "upgrade" for some specific application with a more extended new unit if necessary...
    At worst, this 205 unit will just fit my need in my classic Beetle...

    So, warm thanks to Eagle GPS! IMHO "THE" GPS shop in CNX... and maybe even in Thailand!
    And I hope Mauris won't worry I'm revealing so early this coming promotion...

  2. No problem for revealing this coming promotion, at least from our side ;) . "Big Brother" may be a bit unhappy ;)
    I'm actually glad that my staff is so honest. This is the way I like to work and I am very happy they follow the same path.
    I do appreciate your words Gobs. I really appreciate that this opinion comes from our customer and this makes me (and my staff) more motivated as we see some results of our service. Thanks Gobs :)
  3. Mauris can i order one from Pattaya ?, is the keyboard in Thai script ?as my wifes Nuvi200 only accepts keyboard inputs in English and cannot be updated .

  4. Thank you Gobs, appreciate your support. :)
    It is unfortunately true that I don't really check the forums on daily basis.

    @monsterman, absolutely, we can send the unit to Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand (free of charge :) ). We already have some customers from there.
    Payment can be arrange via practically any ATM to Eagle account in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I'll PM to you with details if you don't mind.
    Upon confirmed payment we send the unit the very same day using EMS.

    Regarding the language input. The units bought in Thailand usually have the Thai OS (so do the nuvis 205). There is not a big problem to switch between Thai or English keyboard.
    Please, be aware that Language input and Map Language are two different things ;)

    There is only 1 map loaded on the unit (Thai or English). As a standard the map is in Thai. We can load the map in English from included in the package CD (also you can do it by yourself - copy & paste, I can send you step by step instructions). I hope it helps.
  5. Went in to Eagle GPS and my wife chose the Nuvi205w for its bigger screen ,10,900 baht she is very happy now as she does not have to ask me where to go..., service from Mauris and his staff is great ..thanks Eagle GPS


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