gasohol on my virago 750?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mbox999, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am currently running my Virago 750 ( '85 model- i guess) on Benzene 91...the problem i find is that so many Petrol Stations no longer stock Benzene 91 ...they offer gasohol ( e10 ) 91 & 95 and gasohol e20 and the diesel or B5 i am wondering would my Bike be ok to use the gasohol e10 (91 or 95)? If not, i may consider some bottled benzene91 placed at the saddlebag to have some backup in case i have an unlucky run as i did 3 days ago by visiting 4 different petrolstations!!! until i luckily found benzene 91 ...

    thanks for some feedback,ideas,suggestions,

  2. If you check out HD'S thread. It seems that you can buy new parts for ya carbs that will make them e10 proof. The other problems would be fuel tap rubber and your fuel hoses (easy to replace). I have the same problem. I think if you only use e10 occassionally and refill asap with regular it would not be a major problem. Allan
  3. It will kill it and just a matter of time.

    I am placing a kit and jet order with Sudco in the USA now and you may wish to think about a carb kit and perhaps 10% larger of all the jets and a new needle.
    The kit will give you new rubbers that can handle E-10 and the bigger jets will give it back some lost power and compensate for the leaner condition on E-10

    If they have a petcock kit, order it too or just buy a new petcock. Replace all the hoses while you are at it.

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