gasohol ruined my tank lining

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    My Harley gas guage gasket leaked and ruined my custom paint job, so what better time to strip to bare frame and redo it all in one go. While not visible through the filler cap, once I removed the guage, I noticed that the stock factory fuel tank lining had began to blister and come off.

    Harley approves of E-10, and since I have high compression, I have no choice but to tune the bike to run on Gasohol 95. It has been running on E10 for about two years since petrol 95 became difficult to find.

    Now what to do? I have a Kreem tank cleaning and coating kit that claims to be alcohol resistant, but how to remove the blistered factory coating. I know about putting nuts etc into the tank and rotating it, and Richie could shot blast what he can reach, but I am not convinced that this will work.
    Maybe hot tank it in a rad shop if they have such a thing here?

    Is Thai fuel really E-10 or E-10+++



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  4. Ian Bungy

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  5. Hoghead

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    I had to jet mine up about 10% for E-10 so yes it is no cheaper
    Perhaps a more modern engine would be different buy not this old 2 valve design
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    Over the last 3 days in Uk i have ben riding all over SE england and have seen 19 bikes with swollen and damaged tanks ,from only 5% gasohol ,, An older triumph tiger ,,3 moto guzzis ,3 Ktms and 6 ducatis ,5 BMWs and a HD sportser sport ..its more common but few people know about gasohol issues ....I am enlightening them and they are angry with the manufacturers ? dealers and government ,when they learn that this issue is not recent but has been going on since 2004 in USA .

    but EU has mandated 10% gasohol later this year so expect many more problems in UK and EU ,, mind u Ducati are now building most new models with Steel tanks and triumph have been using steel since 2007 ,,only Moto Guzzi, BMW ,and KTM are persisting with plastic tanks on most models , a very stupid policy .....

    reccomendations are dont store bikes with gasohol in ,, drain tank completely once a year and dry it out with fresh air it may actually shrink back to original size if u are lucky ....put in a fuel stabiliser or fill up with non gasohol fuel regularly if available .....complain to your dealer and politicians and dont buy new models with plastic tanks ......
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    My tank is steel with a factory lining

    Richco Powdercoating can dunk the tank and eat it clean inside and out. I then will coat the inside with "alcohol resistant" Kreem coating from the USA and see what happens.
    In any case now that we have good old 95 again that is what I am going to use so another round of carb tuning is in the cards.

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