Nov 7, 2005
To Monsterman, Ian Bungy and all others Gasohol enemies.

Here is the bike for you.

It is a Honda CG150 Titan Mix. The sale started this month in Brazil and the bike is probably made in Brazil.

The bike is the first motorcycle manufactured to use only ethanol and that is the reason why it is launched in Brazil, a country where most vehicles run on ethanol based fuel. The Honda is supposed to be used with E85 which means 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline,

E85 is available already in Thailand, only the vehicles that can run on it are missing…Amazing Thailand. (or may be I’m wrong Volvo might have launched an E85 car here).

What is interesting with the bike is that they are advertising the bike as having more power and torque because of the much higher oxygen mix in the fuel. Oxygen gives more power and torque.

Ethanol based fuel are not only popular in Brazil. In US there are already 1800 petrol stations carrying ethanol, most of them in the corn rich Indiana and Minnesota.

European Union has promised that by 2020 20% of the gasoline based fuel should be replaced by bio based fuel and for ex. In Sweden E85 is available at many gasoline stations.

Maybe all these plans may change now when the price of crude oil have changed quite dramatically.

My own experience, now already one year or more, with 30 motorbikes in Thailand is that it is much cheaper to fill up with Gasohol, fuel consumption on my Yamaha Nuovos are identical with normal gasoline, none rubber problems but a little increased problems to start motorbikes after not being used for a while. Why I don’t know.

But off course Monsterman have problem with his ladie's old Honda Rebell.


Ps I'm sorry for some reason the Gasohol thread doesn't accept replies

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
One of the Biggest Problems with Gasohol is the Environmental damage done, The Vast Quantities of Land Cleared to Produce a Shit Fuel :evil: Anyone who has Flown Over Malaysia on the way to Singapore will know what I am Talking about??? As far as the Eye can see is filled with Palm Plantations :shock: This is of the Greatest Concern to Environmentalist's and people with any form of Thoughts for the Future :idea: That Includes Myself, We May Be Dead & Gone but I would Like to Think My Kids have something left worth living in :?: Of Least concern is the Fact that My Bikes would Prefer a Normal Fuel :wink:


Oct 17, 2006
Hiko ,i am no longer an enemy of gasohol per-se after some modifications it works well in my Ducati now ,, but must still agree with Ian Bungy that it may have serious adverse affects on agriculture and environment as bad as OIL.A recent programme on the BBC showed the terrible damage done to areas of Brazil in its successful giant Gasohol industry and the terrible poverty it has forced upon the rural workers who produce the sugar cane are in effect modern slaves in all but name.So yes gasohol works OK but so does oil and both are a poison on the planet Take your choice its like alcohol or drugs both work fine in getting us spaced out but both have negative impact s.One is legal because governments make Tax money out of it the other is not ,