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  1. A short clip about motorcycle riding in North Thailand, cobbled together on a one night 2 day trip a couple of months ago.

    IMG_2684. Mae Or
  2. Another clip on Mae Hong Son from Destination Thailand TV

  3. Some more informative ethnic history about Mae Hong Son

  4. Here's another part Riding the Golden Triangle to the HQs of the ex Shan Freedom fighter - drug warlord Khun Sa.

    Thoed Thai & Khun Sa's old camp / HQs is one place in the GT that everybody should visit & stay overnight one time if you really want to appreciate the GT & its history.

    Thanks for coming Silverhawk - we had a good time alright.
  5. Here's part 2 of riding the Golden Triangle

  6. Next edition part 4 of of GT Rider with Destination Thailand TV: "Kings of the Khong," (Destination Thailand TV's caption) but we like it.

    Check out the good guys at
    Chiang Rai Saddlebags
    Golden Sun Cycles
  7. Yeehar they are still coming out...& loads of fun it has ben

    Part 5 of GT Rider riding North Thailand with Destination Thailand TV; & this one starts of with a visit to to Ian Yonok's Viang Yonok Resort in Chiang Saen.

    Enjoy touring, North Thailand is fun & immensely rewarding.
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    Destination Thailand - Latest Episode.

    Ride Thailand - A Bridge Across Time.

    " The GT-Riders arrive at the Mekong River border town of Chiang Khong.
    Here they check-out the new bridge straddling Laos, an important part of the new global trade artery through South East Asia.
    GT Rider founder - Dave Unkovich, also visits his friend 'Jang' who has a boutique specializing in local & international handicrafts."

    Destination Thailand TV
    Ride Thailand - A Bridge across Time | Destination Thailand TV

  9. Check out the guys from Xtreme Enduro on Destination Thailand TV

    Loadsa fun & good riding.
  10. Tribal Trails - Part 8 of GTR on Destination Thailand TV

  11. The film & the ride continues….Part 9 of GTR & Destination Thailand TV – riding the ex communist held areas of the Thai – Lao border. A bit of history & some of the characters of R1155, R1093, Phaya Phipak & Phu Chi Fah to end up in Chiang Kham.

    Enjoy the ride & light commentary.
  12. Back to the big dipper for another bash & then 1148 with Scotty007 & Oddvar

  13. Destination Thailand TV hits the south with Goran from Phuket

    Check out Part One: Southern Trails Chumphon to Ranong

  14. Good job and well deserved with all those great reports and GPS information.

  15. Part 2 in the south with Goran & Destination Thailand TV
    Ride Thailand - Southern Trails - Ranong
  16. Nice informative video!
  17. The big dipper & GTR on Destination Thailand TV
  18. GT Rider and Destination Thailand TV:
    Southern Trails: Khao Sok and Memorials

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  19. Always thought of the south as a non event for riding.. while the north is the best. You have certainly opened our eyes..
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  20. Ride Thailand - The Mae Hong Son Loop - Memorial Ride

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  21. Ride Thailand - The Lanna Independent Classic Motorbike Endeavour

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  22. Ride Thailand - A Mae Chaem Meander

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  23. Ride Thailand - A nice collection of Classic Bikes in Northern Thailand

  24. Ride Thailand - War in the Mountains


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