HELP Needed....Exit Cambodia via Koh Kong

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm planning to ride home (Malaysia) from Phnom Penh via Koh Kong to cross in , Had Lek, Thaliand this month.

    My trip to Laos will be aborted due to my leave problem while my 2 other ridding buddies have continued on their own to Laos and now they should be somewhere near Vientiane.

    I've only 4 days of riding for the entire journey and the route that I've identified is via route 4 from Phnom Penh towards Sihanoukville. But I need to turn to route 48 somewhere before Sihanoukville, which is Kampong Speu and pass thro the Cardamom mountains to reach Koh Kong.

    The time frame of 4 days is relatively tight not withstanding the weather and the road conditions in Cambodia and I'be riding on my own (but 2 up).

    I prefer not to use route 5 to Poipet as I've entered Cambodia from there
    last month unless if it is a safety and time issue that requires me to do so.

    Please lend me some advice, info and suggestion especially the route 4 and 48 and border crossing at Koh Kong.



    Lip Meng
  2. The road is in good condition all the way. In total the riding time it is about 4 hours to the border. The first part of the trip on route 4 can be a bit dangerous due to trucks and cars pushing you off the road and very busy as you leave Phnom Penh. The turn off is pretty well sign posted so you shouldnt miss it. The road to Koh Kong is now completed with all four bridges open. This part of the ride is great with a few nice twists and turns in the road. Take them easy though as you never know what may be around the corner. ie loose gravel or a torn up raod by a big truck or just the big truck parked in the middle of the road.

    Have a good trip and bad luck about the work thing.
  3. Hi Shadow

    Thanks mate for your info.

    Just need to know the turn off point toward Koh Kong from Route 4..which is the town that I should look for or the km marker?

    The bridge (s) that cross to the border ...are they all along route 48?.

    The time of riding ...4 hrs to border will enable to reach further in to Thailand on the same day which helps alot in the journey.

    Thanks again.


    Lip Meng

    p/s I will also be visitng Phnom Penh in the near future...most likely by flight for sdort stay. Hope to meet you in the near future.
  4. It is a huge crossing about 90 km before Sihanoukeville. Actually you cannot miss it. You will see plenty of food stalls and petrol selling stalls (smuggled gasoline in plastic drums) before and after the crossing. You maybe need to fill up your tank at the gasoline station just about 5 km after the crossing at a real gasoline station because there is no real gasoline station before Koh Kong. The city nearest to the crosssing is Sre Amble.

    Have a nice drive.

  5. Hi mate, also sorry about your work thing, when you leave Cambodia, with the bike it is easy. However, the Thai will make you temporarily import the bike, and send you over the road to get thai insurance (500 baht or so) before they will stamp your passport, you need to have all the documents for the bike stamped at the customs box, accross from where you get your visa to thailand stamped. Fill in your own paperwork on the Khmere side, and park your bike where you can see it. Alos, be mindful that on the road to the border crossing, about 2/3 km before, there are two cops sitting in a box, they might stop you for a search, see your passport, take a bribe, try to have a bit of speed up, so they wont have time to walk onto the road and stop you.
  6. The turning where Hiko told you to go is spot on, remember to get petrol there as the petrol further in is no good. Also, mind your speed in the bends as there are slow lorries and fallen rocks on the road. Enjoy! Be safe.

  7. OOps! You are already gone, sorry, I am new to this site, anyway, my comments are for anyone looking to cross at Koh Kong!

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