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  1. Hi all,

    A lot of you know about the Motozone / Xtremebikes problem and that they are now closed.

    I have an official arrest warrant for Cyril Rouhani (Aka Jem, Aka Cyril Marsura …) and I would like to request help from you to find him if he is still in Thailand or somewhere else.

    Then I have 2 civil court cases that I won against Motozone/Xtremebikes, but before my lawyers could do anything, Alexandre De Maria and his Thai partner (the new owners of Motozone / Xtremebikes) closed the shop and disappeared too. When I saw Alexandre De Maria last year he told me to go to court for all the money that Motozone / Xtremebikes owed me and if a decision was made in my favor, he would pay me. I went to court and won. But of course Alexandre De Maria didn’t keep his word and closed the shop and disappeared too like his friend Cyril Rouhani.

    Again I ask you for your help to find Alexandre De Maria to make him face his responsibility.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and your help will remain anonymous of course.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

    Frederic Chapin

    You can send me an email to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] if you have any information regarding those subjects.
  2. Hi Frederic,

    I also have a Police warrant out for Cyril isseud from Makhasan Police station. Alex was in with Cyril on this I believe and Keiron was just hanging around for his next pay cheque and to keep the heat off of Alex. Alex promised to sort my money out but never did, I lost 1.2M baht though these guys. If any body has any information on them, I'd like to know also, as these crooks cheated millions of baht out of honest bikers like ourselves. All three arsewipes should be made accountable or deported, or better still....... :wink:

    It seems all three guys had very heavy cocaine addiction and the habit got out of control. I have given all three names to the Drug enforcement unit here in Bangkok..... We'll see..........

    The three names to look out for are:

    Cyril (Jem) Rouhani - (French Passport)
    Alexandre De Maria - (Swiss Passport)
    Keiron Rigby - (UK Passport)
  3. Hi Muzz,

    sorry to hear that you are one more cheated person by Cyril, Alexandre and so on ... Perhaps you can reply to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] with your phone number and we can meet and discuss what we can do.

    It will be good to join forces so that those people can be responsible for what they did.

    Have a good day

  4. Was Keiron a share holder in MotoZone or just hired help, what about the other british guys that hung around with their race team.

    I hope u get some satisfaction Muzz and Brutale preferably money but revenge and justice may be all you can hope for.
  5. This Jem has been known to go to extreme measures to talk crap about others. Some time ago he infiltrated the Thaisuperbike forum, was there for months posting as someone else, trying to get people to dislike Alex and Kieron and posting a lot of BS. Until I one day put forward enough evidence for all to see, and he was therefore blocked from that forum.

    Thats why now my "flags go up", when someone again starts the talk about cops, arrests+jail and cocaine use, same as Jem did on the Thaisuperbike forum.

    I just ask for someone credible on this forum, to vouch for the identity of BrutaleZen and MUZZ. I see a french email there too, Jem was posting as a regular french biker under another name in Thaisuperbike.
    If all is good here with these two guys, i.e someone actually met them then all is fine, and i and rest my case.

    Until that day i remain suspicious...
  6. Hi Tom, I'm not sure anybody can vouch fo me here. I live in Bangkok, I sold one Ducati 996 Biposto though Motozone and purchaed a Suzuki GSXR-1000. I never recieved payment for the Ducati, or received the Suzuki. I had to waste hours of tiime at the shop waiting for Jem who never turned up, Keiron knew right from wrong but covered up for him, and when I handed copies of all paperwork to Alex, who promisied to do something abouts it all, but again dragged his feet and eventiully dissapeared into the smog like his partner.....

    I actually met with a Belgian gentleman at the Police staion where I had the warrant issued, who never got his book for his Hayabusa he brought from Motozone. I can assure you my friend, I am very genuine, and still very pissed off over a year later........

    Frederic, I will e-mail you now......


  7. No Keiron, I beleive was not a share holder, just an employee, but after many hours with Keiron saying he understood my problem, as soon as Alex came to save the day, the Ducati 996 of mine that Keiron saw in the shop for months denied knowing it was mine in front of Alex etc.... Sorry, I have to paint Keiron with the same brush as the other two.......Monsterman, the second I'm afraid.....Thanks mate!
  8. Muzz,
    I believe u now. Thanks. I was also cheated there, but i blame Jem the most. A long story, add me on msn if u want to hear more.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  9. Tom,

    as Muzz nobody can vouch for me but as Muzz I am very true and my arrest warrant and civil cases against Motozone / Xtremebikes are very true. Perhaps I should post the arrest warrant to prove my good faith. After reading various post, you look like you protect Alexandre De Maria and Kieron a lot, well if they are so good, why did they disappeared like their friend Cyril (Jem) Rouhani ?

    I added you on MSN, perhaps we can talk and exchange point of views ?

  10. Muzz,
    I live in BKK too, i'll be back there from work in 2 weeks maybe we can hook up for some riding or a talk about The Bastards. What you think?
  11. Guys,

    how do you do to post a picture on the forum, I want to post the arrest warrant for Cyril (Jem) Rouhani.


  12. ~ anybody ever thought about posting a picture of the 3 men on the board ? So if by incident someone of us members comes across them, info could be given instantly to the involved parties. As the saying goes somehow like this: 'The kettle always goes to the well until it breaks...."
  13. Guys,

    here is the arrest warrant issued for Cyril (Jem) Rouhani

    I will post later some pictures of them.




  14. Guys,

    I tried to use Flickr and hotmail Space to post picture but I don't manage to do it. I follow Silverhawk's how to but no success. I must do something wrong.

    I will try more later


  15. Guys,

    I finally managed to have the pictures worked. Thanks Rhodie. So here is the arrest warrant for Cyril (Jem) Rouhani.




  16. Best to avoid Microsoft products when online. MS sucks terribly.
    Use any one of the many free Image-hosting sites like Photobucket or Onfinite.

    They show an image's URL (which usually ends with an image acronym such as .jpg or .gif etc). Simply Copy and Paste.

    This example- shows as ...

    ... when using &.

    Ooops! Rhodie beat me to it.
  17. yes Photobucket or Picassa are the way to go
  18. Hey Tom,

    Sounds good to me.... I'll send you an e-mail!


  19. HI
    Yes guys, give us some photos so we know who to avoid.
  20. Guys,

    I received mails from the US, from Boston exactly, because Cyril ROUHANI was spotted there from January to April this year. He conned people again and they are very pissed at him. He was with his new girlfriend (wife?) named Dalina. He pretended that his new wife was pregnant and needed urgent medical care and that he was in trouble and needed money. He received 3000 USD from a person, and when it was time to pay back he found many excuses not too (sounds familiar ?). The guy that loaned him the money started to be suspicious and when he tried to do something, Cyril Rouhani and his wife had escaped again.

    This guy needs to be put behind bars before he do more damages.



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