Hidenau or Mitas Tyres

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  1. Hello all;

    I've already posted something similiar in my newcomer thread but thought a regional post might be more appropriate. Also apologies for the double-ish post.

    I will be coming to northern Thailand in about a months time from Laos and will be in desperate need of a front tyre (for an Africa Twin). I have a few questions (David has already recommended me a place to buy/fit tyres - Cockpit).

    I have a couple of questions:

    Does anyone know whether the shop can get hold of Heidenau K60 with dimensions 90/90-21 ? (I don't mind pre ordering as long as it'll be there when we get there) if not Mitas E07 would also do. Or any similiar thread patterned dual purpose tyre.

    As an alternative I don't mind ordering the tyre from abroad (I think Singapore has Heidenau's) to either the shop or an address in Chiang Mai the getting it fitted.

    I just want to avoid waiting for a tyre more than necessary as the bike will only be allowed to stay 30days and there will be many nice roads to ride :)

    Many thanks in advance

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