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  1. I was in Niyom Panich today & asked about Honda big bike availability in Chiang Mai. The salesman told me that this December they're opening a Big Wing in Chiang Mai at the Niyom Panich Ratchadamnoen/Thapae Gate branch. He said construction was already underway & was adamant that before the end of the year Honda would be selling big bikes in Chiang Mai. Has anyone else heard about this? Sounds like good news to me but as we all know it's hard to separate the truth from wishful thinking.
  2. Hi CM das - I was out with some Gt-riders last week and people were saying the same story, so looks like its going to happen.
    Honda is finally going to sell big bikes in Chiang Mai / Thai, only a 3 to 4 yr delay because of the recession we had to have.
    Nobody seems to know what models are going to be assembled and sold in Thailand yet. Bangkok Big Wing is selling
    the expensive Japanese imports at the moment if your interested.

    Cheers Ken F
  3. Thanks for your reply, Ken. The salesman I spoke to only mentioned that the Chiang Mai branch would be selling the same expensive imports as the Bangkok branch (no surprise there). I didn't even ask about locally produced big bikes because I figured I wouldn't be able to trust what he told me, no matter what it was. Guess we'll all have to wait & see.
  4. Well Honda is going to make more big bikes here, its only a question of when and which ones... they've promised 3 new models by end of the year...
  5. I ventured into town the other day & sure enough the Thapae Gate branch of Niyom Panich is undergoing some serious remodeling. As for Honda's promises... sure I believe they'll start making big bikes in Thailand sometime soon. I'm less confident it'll actually happen by the end of the year, even if that is their current plan. And I hold out even less hope that one of the bikes they'll be building here will be attractive to me. I'd like something bigger than a 400 and I don't want a CBR of any size. In fact the more research I do the more I'm leaning towards the NC700X. But I'll wait until I have more information from Honda before I make up my mind.
  6. Funny you say that! I was thinking the same. Honda offers two new 250s - a sportsbike for the younger crowd and an enduro which may be too tall for many. What happened to standard bikes? Like a small version of a CB400Four or a Tiger 250? Decent seating position, enough room for a passenger?
    Same with the 150cc class. I'm selling my CBR150R because it's too uncomfortable and too unpractical. Do I want a scooter? No, thank you! The 150 is a great engine - would fit nicely into a standard.

    If they come out with a 400cc cruiser like the Phantom or another sportsbike I'm going to sit in a corner and cry!
  7. I am sure a CBR500 or Steed Style 500 for that matter would be very Popular, Great Bike and sell like Hot Cakes but I wouldn't Buy any CBR no matter what size! Just not My taste! Having said that they did bring out the CBR250 first followed by the CRF250L ! Now if they repeat that scenario with a 500cc Wow!!! Imagine a Brand New, Legal & reasonably priced CRF500L Heaven!!! So that is what I am keeping My fingers crossed for!!!
  8. I agree they'd be popular and decent bikes, I'm just not interested. A bigger cruiser like the 750 Shadow might tempt me but I'd be surprised if that was in the cards.
  9. Anyone have any new info?

    I guess the new big wing is in the city at Ratchadamnoen road, where the Nyom Panich has been replaced by a large construction site? When's it going to open?

    @KZ25 I guess your wish has come true, Honda's now making 500cc "practical" bikes in Thailand, they're called CB/CBR/CBX 500 but really all of them are kind of like old style multi-purpose bikes rather than specialized race bikes...
  10. Right, I'm very happy that the new bikes are not a cruiser or another expensive hyper race bike. The seating position on the sporty versions is not too extreme and the CB500X is very close to what I'm looking for. Of course I could complain about the looks or that they don't have enough power or that they should be even cheaper but I'm not expecting Honda to read my mind. Lots of people complain about the looks and the low power, but the CBR600R would be the bike for them.
    I think Honda is on the right track by offering simple, affordable, economical and reliable bikes, they are reading the market right and we'll see that in a few years.
  11. That's good info. Finger crossed that it's true.
  12. 170,000 THB for the cheapest of the three - that's a good price! Not even 20,000 THB more than a 250 Kawasaki Ninja.
    I don't trust the above site much, I've seen Thai prices for the VTR250 on it but the bike never got here...
    But my guess is 180K for the F, 190K for the R, 200K for the X (plus 15K for ABS) - still amazing. Wouldn't have dreamed of that only five years ago.
  13. ^ Yeah, I remember when that silly site showed ~400k for a Honda CBR600RR. He's just guessing at the prices for the new bikes. We'll have to wait and see how far off he is ;)
  14. Big Wing Chiang Mai is opening today, Dec. 22, at 4pm. I won't be able to make it but it looks like it'll be a fun event with plenty of bikes on display & many cases of Asahi beer on offer.
  15. Ha, my guess was better!! :)
  16. Finally found time to pop into Honda Big Wing Chiang Mai....

    I'm impressed & I would have never thought 28 years ago in Cnx that I would be lucky enough to see this. I remember this was where you bought washing machines, electric fans, juicers, TVs, VCDs, Cameras, watches & scooters.
    Well done Niyom Panich & Honda Big Wing - thank you very big.

    Now a few happy snaps of the premises













    A coffeeshop







    a new workshop, almost ready to go

  17. Thanks for the pics, now I can see what's going on up there!
    Yes, Thailand has come a long way. When I came here almost 12 years ago the biggest legal bikes were the Phantom 200 and the Kawaski 175, plus the CBR150R.
    I've owned each of those bikes (now have my third CBR150R) and for the local conditions they were surprisingly adequate.
    But a little more power never hurts! I also kind of like to follow the news, first the rumors, then the first spy pictures, then official announcements - that's excitement!
    Being able to go into a bike shop and buy any bike you can think of is kind of boring. Never has a new 500cc Honda interested me that much!

    Looking at the pics I noticed that the naked F version is not really that naked; the R version's fairing is not that much bigger but the cockpit is connected to it.
    Probably the bigger difference between those two models is the seating position, the F has the healthier handle bar.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Honda raised the price of the X version - those Pirellis don't come cheap?
  18. Sorry, what is a "healthy" handlebar?

    Pirellis aren't cheap at retail but no doubt a company the size of Honda has negotiated a competitive price for the Scorpion Trails on the CB500X.
  19. You'll find out when you get older... :)
  20. I wonder: does this mean that you can order these Pirellis at any Honda dealer for a decent price? A bit cheaper than from Pirelli in Bangkok?

    You can order IRCs from any Honda dealer.
  21. Does anyone have experiences how long should I wait for the greenbook and plates. Bough my CB500X last year October and now 11 months later still no sign of them. Been calling every now and then. Is this due to the Big Wing or the government side?
  22. I bought my bike in August '13 and had the book about six weeks later.

    I was told it would take two months.

    A Thai friend told me that until the book is issued the payment for the sold bike doesn't have to be forwarded; thus the dealer sits on the cash as long as possible.

    Don't know if there's any truth to that but it sounds plausible.
  23. I've bought two Honda's in the last year from two different shops and waited three weeks for the first green book, a month for the second. Three weeks was the waiting time given on the day of purchase both times.

    The delay in the second book was caused by the page in my passport showing my extension to remain in the country not being photocopied and supplied to whoever issues the books. Was a simple case of copying that page when I was back in Bangkok and reapplying; took an extra week or so.
  24. Bought my 500X end of May this year & book/plates were here by end of June. Bought at BigWing CNX

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