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    HU have a get together every year in Australia, this time it was held in a quaint little village called Dayboro just north of Brisbane.
    As I am working in Brisbane I nipped up to Dayboro to hopefully catch up with some like minded bikers, I wasn't disappointed.
    I bumped into Carol Duval, who was back to see her sick Dad, with her husband Ken, they have spent the last 4 years travelling the Americas. This is after spending a couple of years circumnavigating the world on their beloved old Beamer.
    There was also Peter and Kay Forwood, who have also been travelling around the world on their Harley, remember they were in Chiang Mai 18 months ago.
    Plenty of German riders this year who are on their way to Asia after spending the last year in South America and Aust.
    And of course the many Aussie bikers who made the trip from the East coast states.

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  2. Nice one Tom! Good to see You are still getting out and about despite all the Family Troubles this Year! All the Best to Your Dad and don't work to hard! Hope You had a good Chat to all the Bikers and told them to Call in to Chiang Mai and see us if they are passing? Some Really Loaded Bikes in amongst that lot!
  3. Ye Ian, I gave the Germans the low down on CNX and they are checking out the gt-rider site.
    They will be passing through Thailand in a couple of months time.

    I am hanging in for a ride, but I want to save as much money as possible.
    Went to the Ulyses meeting the other night and a guy has a neat 1200cc Lawson Kawasaki for sale for $5000A a one owner.
    I will let you know if I buy it.....


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