If you could ride anywhere in SE Asia for two weeks where would you start/go/end?

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm currently taking three months to ride my wheezy Honda Win along the length of Vietnam (North to South) from Sapa to HCMC. Originally I planned the trip with the intention to head into Laos for a few weeks but instead I've decided to take full use of my 3 month visa and enjoy Vietnam at a slow pace. Currently I'm kicking back in Hoi An (my halfway point) and revelling in the sunshine I have not seen for nearly two weeks. No rain! Yay!

    Yes, a detailed trip report is incoming once I get home :)

    Basically, once I get to HCMC I'm debating selling the bike and flying to another destination, hiring another bike and continuing my ride OR ride my Win into Cambodia. The question is this; if you could ride ANYWHERE in SE Asia where would you go? I have no real preference although I've been debating getting a flight to Chang Mai, Thailand and riding northern Thailand although I'm open to suggestions. I'm probably looking at 2-3 weeks max and I'd keep it at a cruisy pace. I prefer to ride 4-6 hours a day. I rode 11 1/2 hours on my first day and I'm now appreciating the shorter rides.... it's nicer on the butt.

    So, where do you reccommend I fly too and where should I ride?

    Interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions. :)


    The travel blog if you care to see where I've gone so far. :)
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    If you haven't ridden the Chiang Mai/GT region before, then it should be at the top of your list. Positives are plenty with lots to see/do and well established services. Downside is by now it is pretty well explored/touristed, so your chances of stumbling onto something undiscovered (to the riding community) is pretty slim. But everything will be new to you and that is what counts. If you do it, just don't blow by the Doi Mae Salong area as it is one of the more scenic parts of the North and still quite nice. Spend a bit of time there and you will see what I mean.

    Top of the list for me now is Indonesia since I have already done the GT. I'm planning to fly into Jakarta in April, then ride across Java to Bali and loop back. Might even ferry over to Komodo, Sumba etc but will depend on the pace.
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    We're just down the road in Da Nang, so can chat 'live' about trip plans.
    Email me [email protected]

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