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  1. hi guys help needed , i am in Prakse and i am trying to arrange cover for midnight star 1300 cc but can only find cover for up to 250cc , the lady in shop rang head office and the said ok same up to 1300 cc but i am not not convinced , any help advice appreciated , many thanks gary [email protected]
  2. I'm not sure where you went but try Lao Viet as well as AGL. The application sheet has a cc price list and this is how the calculate the fee for 3rd party. Make sure it says your coverage is for 1300 cc and then not worry about it if it is in writing.

  3. Above all do buy it even, even if it is a hassle to pursue.
    My lad had a prang in Laos over Crimbo, where it proved invaluable.
    Even tho he was adjudicated to have been in the right, it would have been a serious problem had he not payed the modest $7 for LVI basic compulsory coverage.
    If the cops had decided against him, it would have been an even more expensive experience, than just the local tributes paid to those officials involved.
    A big tip-of-the-hat to Jimoi who worked his magic with the local officials, coordinating and assisting from afar.
    Without insurance the bike would have been impounded & the lad possibly held until everybody had been paid-off.
  4. Hola. Thanks Rhodie and thanks Jim. I ventured into towm again late pm and found both those shops. But were closed. I will go to them in morning. Again massive thanks for info and help. Before i head north to khammouane. Has anyone visted Siphandon 4000 islands. Is it worth trip south first ? Thanks guys. Will meet in chang mai later this year Gary
  5. Imo an absolute must, see DavidFL's recent trip report here
    I've ridden at this time of year and it's no problem.
    You will be rewarded however with the waterfalls at full spate.

    Also a clip from the extraordinary BBC series Human Planet
    is a short excerpt of a Laotion fisherman who uses a highwire to get to a vantage point in the Khone Falls to fish when the Mekong during the rainy season.
  6. Hola. Davids report is superb. I think i might struggle a bit on the ferries and boards on my bike. I am travelling for several months with thai girlfriend who thinks we can take at least ten tons. Lol. But i think i will go and have a look. I dont think i will do the high wire walk lol. But im sure theres plenty to do. Thanks guys. Will update you re insurance tomorrow. Best regards. Gary

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